Celebrate Natural

Working with your Natural Inner Guide.

My Work


I help first and earn second.

My aim is to see people get on their true Path and on their way to freedom, peace and fulfilment.


I can help answer any questions you may have, only if it is given to me to give to you.

After two or more messages from me, I start to charge for my time, for further help. I will always let you know when. You are free to agree to this and carry on with me or decline.

If you agree to start paid sessions with me, you will be given payment details for this (via Paypal) before our session begins.


Some people do need extensive help but cannot afford to pay for sessions with me. Some of these people, I can continue with – helping them for free. It all depends on their true circumstances and Path, as directed by my Spirit. So, I can/do accept or decline to work for free.


It may be helpful for you to read the ‘About‘ page first, if you haven’t already.


● My work can be summarised with this analogy: Healthy babies are spoon-fed and also taught to use the spoon and feed themselves. When they have mastered the art of feeding themselves, they no longer need anyone to spoon-feed them.

My work is to help you learn to feed yourself while spoon-feeding you whenever necessary, as and when prompted by Spirit.

The goal is ALWAYS to get you used to feeding yourself so that you can do so at anytime. No one can walk your Path for you, so the longer you spend being spoon-fed, the longer you spend as an ‘infant’.

It will never be my aim to keep anyone dependent on me or anything else other than their own Inner Guide/Spirit/Intuition/Holy Spirit/Higher Self, etc (Feel free to call it what you prefer).


 I sense people’s energy/vibe both through their written words and their physical presence. The difference is that with physical presence, there is always a mix between the energy of what is being said and the jumble of emotions coming from the person (which is usually different from the energy of what is being said) AND with written words, I can concentrate on the actual energy from what has been written, since the physical presence energy is not there to muddle it up.

Think of this as:

Clear water = what is written.

Muddy water = physical presence + what is said.

You can still scoop water out of the muddy one but you will have to allow the mud to settle underneath first, if you want it to be clearer.


● I tend to speak less and write more. Along the way, I have realised that speaking drains my energy much more and faster. This has intensified over the past few years.


For these reasons, I have worked with others mostly through writing and will continue to do so until my Spirit prompts me differently.



1) You are under no obligation to give me real personal details: names, etc. Feel free to use a made-up name or initials or real name, etc. I do not work with people’s details and also don’t store any information about you. I only work with energy.

I don’t ask for or require a whole life story because what matters is where you’re going, not where you’ve been. Where you are being prompted to go, by Spirit, will help you fix/let go of where you’ve been.

However, if you feel the need/desire to get some things off your chest by sharing your stories, you are welcome to do so.


2) It doesn’t matter what your background, beliefs, etc are. ‘Spirit’ is what I call my guiding energy. Some call it other things: Higher self, Holy Spirit, Spirit guide, etc. It doesn’t matter to me what it is called because it doesn’t matter to Spirit what it is called. You can always use the words comfortable to you. As long as we mean the same thing, I am happy to go along with the term you prefer.


3) You are under no obligation to follow the messages/instructions given to you by Spirit, through me. Spirit never forces action or inaction on people. It’s not in a rush for you to carry things out but the message will always stand till you do.

It’s a take-it-or-leave-it situation but my earnest suggestion here will be to take it because it is the absolute best – if not the only – true Path for you and it would be a waste of your money not to. However, that choice is yours.



A paid session with me includes three sets of messages:

1) The Receiver’s first message (regardless of the length of message) after payment has been made AND a reply from me (regardless of the length of message. The length of message depends on the information I receive for you).

2) A follow-up message by the Receiver AND a reply from me.

3) Another follow-up message by the Receiver AND a reply from me. (These messages may be sent at anytime. There is no restricted time frame for the Receiver to send a message or a follow up message to me, since there is flexibility in the sessions. However, my replies will come within 72 hours of receiving a message).


● The cost is:

£150 for a session. 


● You can start as many sessions with me as you want. Booking is not required, I start working with you once we have agreed and I have received your payment and first message.

Since there is no requirement to sit and chat at a particular time, it is flexible. I work on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.


● I maintain a pressure-free work ethic and a peaceful, supportive and understanding friendship with my ‘Receivers’ (the people who receive guidance messages from me).

● If you have any more questions, you are welcome to ask.




Always, Ashair.