Celebrate Natural

Working with your Natural Inner Guide.


Hello, I am Ngozi Ashair and I have now been in this life for 34 ‘autumns’ (re: years. Autumn being the season I was born).

I gave birth to a precious angel, my daughter D.D, who has now been in this life for 8 autumns and we live in England, UK.

I have been divorced for 7 autumns now.

I have undertaken a lot of lessons for many seasons, including from life and most importantly, my Spirit.


● I don’t consider myself spiritual or anything else, as a label. I don’t belong to any community or group – spiritual or otherwise.

Spirituality to me, simply means natural and authentic and a connection to the Soul and Spirit (beyond the physical/material) but as a label, it can mean a mentally-rigid, physical practice or tradition – which I don’t necessarily follow.

● I live unconventionally, in many ways, without meaning to. I have no fixed set of ‘unconventional rules’ to adhere to, neither did I set out with a deliberate desire to be a ‘non-comformist’. I simply like what I like and follow what I follow but I do so only from my Soul and through my Spirit.

I can also borrow reference points from anywhere: religious holy books, spiritual quotes, mainstream society, etc if they resonate with me. Otherwise, they don’t matter to me.

This is a way of life for me.

● I have come to value these 6 things in life:

Walking my Path, Freedom, Peace, Comfort, Satisfaction and Fulfilment.

Along the way, I gave up everything, which consequently led me to unearth these values within me and I cannot trade them for anything or anyone.


● Today, I work with my Spirit to confirm any specific thing someone senses within them and/or give them specific information they are blocking/unable to receive/resisting but should know.

This, I only do when someone requests my help, unless Spirit prompts me differently. I have worked in this capacity for 5 winters (re: years. Winter being the time of year I started) now, while learning and growing along the way.


● I don’t necessarily like to call myself anything (re: job title) based on my work but if I am asked to say, I am a ‘Spiritual Medium’ and an ‘Oracle’. These are terms/titles that I have received from Spirit.

● I receive my information from Spirit intuitively (by distinct knowing), auditorily (by distinct hearing) and precognitive dreams and visions.

I also distinctively feel energy physically and sense ‘vibes’ intensely. This is not something that I can explain clearly.


● Besides this, I share general information on this site that I believe will help someone – when prompted or approved by my Spirit.

This site is about practically pointing people to follow, in every area of their lives, the promptings of their Spirit or Inner Being or Inner Guide or Intuition or Holy Spirit, etc. It’s all the same to me. One has to walk their individual path in life, even if they may need help getting onto it and staying there. This is also what my work is about.

● I intentionally do not write posts on this site from an experiential point of view. There are things I have learned from experience and also things I have learned intuitively. They go hand in hand but I only write generally because I cannot use my own experiences as a standard rule to follow.


● Feel free to contact me, if you’d like personal help or for any other reason. I welcome your messages.



● You can also click the ‘My Work page to find out more about the personal/specific work I do with people.


Always, Ashair.