Everything is always working out for you on your Path. This journey of self-realisation/spiritual-awakening is taking you towards nothing else but perfection and fulfilment – whatever that means for your true self (because the specifics vary from one person to another).

As you continue to follow your Spirit in this journey and on YOUR path, whatever will keep you on the Path and enable you get to wherever it is you’re going, will always be brought to you (or you’re led to it).


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Conversely, anything that isn’t on YOUR path and doesn’t contribute to it, will simply not be brought to you and you’ll not be led to it.

Therefore, no matter what you’re led to or what feels like it’s been taken away from you, consider it a good thing. For, if it is for you, you’ll have it.


It can be difficult to get into the swing of things and for the mind to become used to expecting that you’re in a win-win situation no matter what happens but as long as you’re following your Spirit, that is exactly what your Path is.


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