You may have learned to do this or that, as a child…

Perhaps, you were taught not to do such and such, as a teen…

Consequently, you may have mastered the art of being like so and so, as a good, functional adult and a well-raised-and-trained member of society…


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Anything in you, which was natural to YOU, that was stifled, squashed, frowned upon, taught against, groomed or conditioned out of you, will begin to manifest at some point in your journey of self-revelation/spiritual awakening.

Conversely, anything you learned/were taught, that was instilled/conditioned/groomed into you, which wasn’t or isn’t natural to YOU (in particular, not for a group), will begin to hold no weight and start melting away.

Some may try to hold onto some of these things because it’s what they are used to and it feels like second-nature to them but as long as it’s not ‘first-nature’, it will no longer fit you.

The fight is pointless.

For most, the falling away of that which isn’t natural and the emergence of that which is, feels like relief and freedom.



It means your very own ‘first nature’ will never be erased and your spiritual awakening is a journey of rediscovering it all and becoming it once again.

You can start embracing your first-nature. That is who you really are. You’ve journeyed far to get here, now it’s time to be YOU again.

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