Whatever you want on a deep level, not a mental one, is a sign of where you’re going.

Mental/Mind desires are not part of this.

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What you find yourself wanting on an innermost level – be it relaxation, freedom, prosperity, adventure, etc – is nothing else but you sensing where you’re headed. That signal for your life destinations (Yes, plural) is mistaken for a desire/want/need (and this is alright).

When you realise that ‘you’ don’t have a desire to do or be anything because ‘you’ (as the observer of your life) cannot come up with any desires on your own, instead what you are doing is perceiving/observing where your Spirit is taking you, then you will realise you don’t need to ask, beg, plead or cry for it to happen.

That is just your Mind being impatient for what you’re perceiving about your life.

If it wasn’t there already, you wouldn’t feel the ‘desire’ of it.

It will happen, no matter what. The only thing you have to do is follow your Spirit’s guidance for each step of the way and you’ll get there.

So, instead of being sad about your desires not being met yet, rejoice for what your desires are truly showing you – an indication of what lies ahead and what’s available to you; what’s yours.



See your Mind as a little child. You don’t need to punish it for being what it is. You only need to learn to work with it and give it something to focus on or a distraction from what it’s nagging about.

Continuously tell it to relax and reassure it that you’ll get there.

Find other things to engage it, so it doesn’t keep itself looped in worry, impatience and ultimately stress, unnecessarily. Treat it with gentleness, patience and understanding but don’t let its tantrums dictate the important thing you’re doing, which is staying the course of your Spirit and following its directions.

At some point, your Mind will stop challenging your Spirit and start trusting it but will always need something to focus on to keep it from impatience or restlessness, boredom, etc depending on what your Mind is prone to do.


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