Darkness is the Beginning.

Darkness is the First.

Darkness is All there is, before and after.

Darkness is Space.


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Darkness is Fertility.

Darkness is the Unknown.

Darkness is the creator.

Darkness is the opportunity for or possibility of creation.

Darkness is Fertile ground.

Darkness is Nature.

Darkness is Catalyst for change or creation.


Darkness is NOT evil.

Darkness is NOT bad.


People fear the dark because people fear the unknown. No one knows what lies within until they enter. This is the same reason some people fear death.

People have branded darkness evil because all sorts have been created from darkness (read: the unknown, a fertile ground) but only that which is “bad” is considered “dark”, meanwhile everything originates from the Dark.

Darkness is the Space from which all is launched.

Everything else can and will end but Darkness cannot end. Even Light can and will seize to be, for out of Darkness came forth (the creation of) Light.

Space is infinite and eternal.

Darkness is neither evil nor good. It just is – like soil.

What is created out of it is what can be fruitful/”good” or non-fruitful/bad/evil to the creator(s) and observers.

The word “dark” being used to represent “bad” is one of the biggest misconceptions in the world and what has caused many to reject the darkness (read: raw, fertile ground) within them.


That which is feared is “dark” because it is unknown and misunderstood but that which is evil has nothing more to do with the Dark. It has already been created therefore technically, it’s already part of the Light.


Light is neither good nor evil too, for both good and evil can be part of the Light.


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