Having a desire that springs from within is a good thing, even if you’re being told it isn’t.

Not having a desire – where none springs from within and you have nothing you actively want or need – is also a good thing, even if you’re being told it isn’t.


You don’t have to chase after a desire to have one.

You don’t have to suppress a desire if you have one.


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True desires come from the place of Spirit, from your soul and they are always plans or callings towards where you really want to be, what fulfils and satisfies you. These are interpreted as desires by your mind and it is okay. Follow them as you’re being guided.

Other kinds of desires, especially when you feel you need to have desires, are frivolous. Nothing wrong with coming up with things to want but they don’t matter either way. You can have them or not but they’re not ultimately satisfying or fulfilling, as you always find out in the end.



It’s all about your connection and constant plugging into it. Your spirit will lead you into a place of desire (calling towards where you really want to be) if you were in a place of non-desire based on conditioning, expectation or anything else.

Equally, your Spirit will also call you into a place of non-desire (where you find out for yourself that you really don’t want what you thought you wanted and you’re at peace and satisfied with what you have and where you are) if your desire was coming from the place of your mind, based on conditioning, expectation, anything else other than from within.



You may have/ be interpreting your soul’s plan or calling as desiring a (for example) mansion with expansive land, fleet of cars, domestic staff and private jet to travel anywhere in the world.

These desires are not wrong in anyway. However, what is from your Spirit may or may not manifest as those things in particular because, based on those specific desires, what you’re really after is freedom, relaxation, comfort, prosperity, joy, happiness and abundance of all these.

Through your experiences, you may have concluded that you need these specific things in order to have what you truly want and they may well be what you need.

Trust that if those things are the best you can get in life in order to reach your soul’s goal of freedom, relaxation, etc, then you will surely have it. If there is something different that is better, that’s what you will have and that’s where you will always be drawn towards.

You will realise that these other specific things fulfil you much better than you thought the first specific things would and you will realise this either as it is unfolding or after it has unfolded.



It’s okay to want and it is okay to not want. You must be fulfilled, that’s the end goal. Following your Spirit will lead you to everything that fulfils you, so don’t think that you may be short-changed.

Where it will take you each time is where you will always be thankful and happy you ended up and nothing else you thought before would hold a candle to it.

Feel free to dream up things you would like, if you want to but always remember to plug into your Spirit to know the best option. If what you’ve dreamed up is the best, that’s what you’ll have. If it isn’t, then you will have the best regardless of what you’ve dreamed up.


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