Most times, in the spiritual community, what you get are endless lists of what you should physically be doing or not doing. There is rarely any regard or mention of if you’re drawn to do these things from within or not.

Everything you do that springs from within is spiritual and everything you don’t do, which is as a result of it not being from within, is spiritual.

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When it comes to all of these invented spiritual rules, dos and don’ts, they don’t really matter if the only reason you’re doing them or not doing them is because you’ve been told to.

Of what use is it to you to meditate for 1 hour a day or 100 times a week if what you’re doing is not giving you joy or peace? If you have to force yourself to meditate against your will (because you have no inherent desire to do so), you’re really not doing anything helpful for yourself. That time will be better spent doing something else you find freeing and pleasing to your senses. That would be the more “spiritual” thing to do in that moment.

Of what use is eating specific foods when you despise every bite and try not to think about what you’d rather be eating? That won’t help you.

Of what use is waking up and being thankful or saying appreciative words when you absolutely hate your life but pretend you don’t? Who are you trying to convince? Your energy/vibration doesn’t lie and what you say doesn’t matter more than your energy. You will be better off waking up and finding something pleasing or soothing in that moment. You would have done the utmost spiritual thing of lifting your spirit there and then, rather than forcing yourself to say or think what you don’t mean.


Trust that the only thing you need is a connection to your inner guide/Spirit/Soul within and it leads you to things as you are ready for them. You’re never forced to fit into something that doesn’t fit. Although you can be introduced to them at first in order to start the process of getting ready for them, you will never be forced to fit into them. That is never the goal.


When you’re doing something grudgingly, it is either you are not doing something that springs from within or you are forcing yourself to fit into something you are not ready for.

The reason you are forcing yourself can be either of these things:

  • You think you should or you think you shouldn’t,
  • You are battling the idea of it or resisting it,
  • You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill, either way. Relax, it’s not a big deal – not from your Spirit’s point of view anyway and it knows better than your mind.


If meditation is where you’re being taken to, you will get to a point where it will come naturally to you and you’ll realise that you have begun to have a deep desire to do so.

If eating a specific food is where you’re being led to, you will get there and you’ll find that the specific food is something you have begun to crave, want or can’t help but have. Have you ever found yourself eating something you never thought you would like and always rejected before but it has become one of your favourite things to eat?

Being thankful or appreciating your life is a state of being that you’ll notice you are more constantly in, regardless of what is happening or not happening in your life – once you drop the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ and just follow where you’re drawn to.


When you’re following other people’s rules – well-intentioned or not – for what you need to do to ensure that you’re a “good spiritual person”, you will find that it becomes a chore.

How many times can you stop and smell the roses on the road? They smell like dust. Next.

How many times will you have to leave your home to find this ‘nature’ to walk amongst and be with and dig your bare feet into? Nature is right with you no matter where you are. You are nature, the beat of your heart is nature, your hair is nature, your skin is nature, your nails are nature, your pet is nature, your child is nature, your walls are nature, your floor is nature, the little plant or flower you bought or brought into your home is nature, the water running from your tap or in your fridge is nature, the dust floating around you is nature, the spider you don’t want in your home is nature, the sun shining through your windows is nature.

There is nature all around you, there is nature inside and there is nature outside. You don’t have to go elsewhere to find it if it’s a chore to do so. It is with you and within you everyday. Be with it wherever you are.

You don’t need to feel bad that you don’t take walks outside if sitting at home is more soothing, relaxing, pleasurable for you – and vice versa.

You don’t have to feel that you need to sit still in a particular position or stare into a candle for hours if you find it boring or uncomfortable, when listening to music or writing or doing something else gets you ‘in the zone’ and takes you where you’re hoping meditation will.

You are in a state of meditation and fulfilment when you are focused on what gives you the utmost joy, peace and relaxation at each moment. You don’t have to sit and force yourself to find focus – where you’re thinking of what gives you joy rather than being or doing what gives you joy.

Go on, what is it you really feel like doing from within, that you can do right now? Is it sleeping? Is it looking out the window and day-dreaming? Is it going out for a walk or drive? Is it cuddling your child or partner or pet? Is it writing a song? Is it eating that food you thought you shouldn’t? Is it running around naked in your home? Is it screaming into the pillow? Is it dropping everything you think you should do and just do nothing? Is it….? Is it……?

Go on, free yourself and do it!

What a relief! Such pleasure! Such joy!

“You’re alright, dear one. We’ve got you!”



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