Image credit: Pinterest via Google
Image credit: Pinterest via Google


Voice 1: Hello, you’re a diamond.

Voice 2: No, I’m not. Are you joking?!

Voice 1: You are a diamond.

Voice 2: Pfft! Yea, right! Thanks.

Voice 1: You ARE a diamond.

Voice 2: Why do you keep saying that? I’m not a diamond! Have you seen me?!

Voice 1: Yes. That’s exactly why I say you are a diamond – I have seen you.

Voice 2: I don’t understand. You’ve seen me? Me?! And what you saw is a diamond? You must have me confused. I am a rock, not a diamond.

Voice 1: You are a diamond.

Voice 2: *sigh*


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2 or 5 or 10 or 15+ years later, the rock has been chipped away at by different craftspeople, through different processes.


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Planning – Image credit:, “How are diamonds cut and polished from rough


Sawing/Cleaving – Image Credit:


Mechanical Bruting – Image credit:


Polishing – Image credit:


Inspecting – Image credit:


Voice 1: Hello, you’re a diamond.

Voice 2: *smile* I know. I see it now. What a journey! Now I realise what you meant all these years. You weren’t seeing me for what I was at the time but for what I truly am. I couldn’t see it then because I was looking at the surface and not what was on the inside. There was a lot of stuff to be removed in order to reveal the gem within. I thought the rock was me but it was just a protective shell, my calloused body for the precious me inside. The shell was what withstood the times I went through. It is what I gathered from my journey. Now I see what I really am and you knew it all along.

Voice 1: Yes, that’s where we are. You’re a diamond.

Voice 2. I am a diamond. I most definitely am.


Your Spirit knows your destination in all things but you will have to go through the process to get there. There may be many stops along the way as you choose your route….. and it’s okay.

The process is the experience, its how you sift and sort, it’s how you consciously decide where and who you’d rather be – and this is what your Spirt already knows because it sees only the best, the perfect, the ultimate. That’s where it will always call you from and guide you towards but the journey is yours to make.

Your Spirit does not determine each step you’ll take to get there but it knows the best step to take, if you want it to guide you. When you make a stop and think that’s where you’ll end up, your Spirit will keep calling you, reminding you of the destination (what you are, where you’re going). You may enjoy that stop for a while but you’ll hear the calling at some point and that stop will no longer satisfy you. You’ve sifted and sorted, you’ve outgrown the stop and you are ready to proceed on your journey.

The calling never ceases until you get to that perfect stop – the destination; that which gives you the ultimate fulfilment in different aspects of your life.


Note: The diamond reference in this post is only to serve as an analogy to what the post is really about, which is how Spirit sees you, why it guides you and why things seem to make more sense later. It’s all about your vantage point. This post is not to intentionally draw attention to the diamonds, the links are only for attribution/’giving credit’ purposes.


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