The world hasn’t just started ‘awakening‘, the world has been awakening since the beginning of time. The only time you realise this awakening process is when you are awakened – otherwise, you’re not in on it.


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If you’re not awakened, your radar isn’t set to the awakening frequency – you have no idea what it means, what is happening and if or not the world is awakening.

It is like having never heard of or seen something or someone before and after you hear of them or see them, they’re everywhere. That’s how you begin to notice the awakening changes happening around you after you’ve started your own awakening.

Awakening will continue to happen as long as there are living beings in this world.


The world is made up of different energetic levels and everyone is on one. Where you are is where you cannot really help but be, where you are going is where you cannot really help but move towards.

Everyone is advancing each day – slowly or quickly, it doesn’t matter. Some people are not the same people you knew 2 months ago, while others can take years before you see a significant change in them – and for others, a lifetime or two.


Every role each Being is fulfilling plays an interconnected part in the grand puzzle that is life.

For example: Those who are fighting for a cause in this lifetime are fulfilling an important role, those sitting out the cause are fulfilling another important role that is connected to the cause – directly or indirectly, and they either have fulfilled the role of ’cause-fighters’ in (a) previous lifetime(s) or they will do so in (an)other lifetime(s).

On the other hand, those who are fighting for a cause are fulfilling another important role for another energy level – directly or indirectly and have either been on that other level before or will be.

It’s all different moving parts in one vehicle. Life is like a relay race, you get to receive a baton from someone and you get to pass the baton to someone else too.

Everyone is both a forerunner and a successor.

Every single part, no matter how little, is as important as any other. Without which, the vehicle cannot function.

Every single living being (and their actions/inactions) is fulfilling a significant role, no matter what it looks like to you.

This includes both the ‘evil’ and the ‘good’, the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’, etc ….and everything else in between.


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