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Often, you might come across a piece addressing ‘waiting to act towards your desires‘ or something like that. Almost everytime, the writer or speaker adds the disclaimer ‘…but waiting doesn’t mean just doing nothing‘. It’s as if the person writing or speaking is averse to doing nothing or fearful of how people are going to judge them if they dare insinuate that they could just do nothing but wait.




There are different ways to wait depending on what you’re waiting for, whose guidance you are under while waiting and what your expectations are for waiting.

As this site is about the Spirit within and following its promptings, that is the only source of guidance we’re going to focus on. Also since this site addresses those who understand what this means, we’re going to presume that is the guidance you’re following while waiting. We may still mention the others briefly as we write.


So, when you’re at any point in your path when your Spirit prompts you to wait for either a specific outcome or anything else, and you find that there is nothing more to do regarding that particular situation, waiting actually means doing nothing in that case. However, the ‘nothing‘ we mean is only anything that has to do with that particular situation.

Meaning, you can wait (to receive further instructions on what next to do or more inspiration on the next step to take) while watching videos, reading, knitting, sipping tea by the fire, taking walks, going food tasting, going to work, sleeping, meditating, dancing, etc all day-everyday. You’re not doing anything to get in the way of the situation.



What you should not do is think you’re waiting while doing more things in order to get that situation sorted. You’re just muddling up the process that is underway. Trust that when there is something to do regarding that situation, you will be inspired/prompted/moved/drawn to do it.

When the aforementioned writers/speakers use the ‘waiting doesn’t mean doing nothing‘ disclaimer, what they mean is you can wait while still trying to sort things out with mental/physical effort and if something happens, then your waiting paid off. If nothing works out, keep ‘waiting‘ (re: pushing hard and never give up the effort).


Let’s give an example here:

You have been working at a dream/desire for 5 or 10 or 15 or 20+ years and eventually you ‘make it‘. You attribute your success to your ‘hard work’ – the fact that you never gave up your fight, your struggle and your mental/physical effort to make it.

However, if you truly assess the situation, what you will find is that around the 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 year mark just before you ‘made it‘, things began to happen. It was like a door or doors began to open, something started changing, one or two sudden bursts of inspiration got you to say or do something that got you into a perfect situation where more things happened and like a snowball effect, you ‘made it’. Life became what you dreamed of, you realised your dreams, you got to that point you always strived for.

You would also realise that there were some inspired actions you took during all those years and signs here and there, which you didn’t see for what they were at the time because you were so busy chasing this dream with your mental and physical effort, and those inspired actions led to what led to what led to your ‘making it’. Those nebulous signs finally made sense.


What you don’t understand is that your fight, your struggle, your effort all those years before things started shifting was not needed. They weren’t necessary to your ‘making it’. Whatever was needed for you to do to add to where you were going was inspired for you to do. Whatever you thought to do on your own, thinking that would be the way to your success was not necessary to your making it.

However bear in mind, all experiences teach you something, so your efforts wouldn’t be called a waste. They’re simply things you didn’t have to do.

Another thing you may realise is that things started shifting when it was time for them to shift and not because of your effort or struggle. A particular action from you may have been used as a catalyst but that was because it was inspired and meant to be used as such. Things would have still panned out successfully with or without that said action. There are many roads to the outcome and your struggle is not needed to get there.


What you may fail to realise is that if you sat still in a cave for those 5 or 10 or 15 or 20+ years waiting as per prompted, you would have still made it – albeit as what many would refer to as an ‘Overnight Success‘ because there wouldn’t be evidence of any physical work/effort done by you to try and make it – no old videos, writing, etc of you as a struggling *insert word of choice* or perhaps you would have 1 or 2 trail pieces when you were prompted to do something in between waiting.

Bear in mind, those inspired trail pieces (may be in the form of videos, writings, changing locations, cutting or growing out your hair, moving homes, learning new things about yourself or others, etc) are truly part of the wheel that is spinning. They are things that are being lined up for the outcome and not part of your own attempts at making it.


The thing is this, doing nothing is frightening to the human mind and can also be seen as a sign of weakness. “It takes a strong person to act”, people might think or say but forget to realise that there are many sources of action.



Action is neither good nor bad, just as doing nothing is neither good nor bad. What determines the outcome and grand fulfilment or satisfaction of your action or inaction is the source of said action or inaction.

When Spirit asks you to wait, it doesn’t mean ‘pretend to wait while trying to sort things out’.

It isn’t telling you to wait because you’re being punished.

It means things are lining up and in that moment of waiting, there is nothing required of you to do.

It means relax, put your feet up, do whatever you can do if you feel like doing it or have to do it, as long as it has nothing to do with what you’ve been asked to wait for.

It means “Do not worry, we’ve got this for you. We’ll let you know when we need you to do something”.

Waiting can be hard, especially when there’s not much else you’re doing besides waiting. It’s easier to wait when you’re busy with other things but be of good cheer. It will be over and it will be all worth it. Keep your eyes on the prize and stay connected always.


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