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It’s humanely natural to feel bad when others do, and feel good when others do. Nothing humanely wrong with that.

However, what we’re talking about here is what happens when you begin to live from Home, the place of the Spirit. When you become, not just aware but confident that you’re of no use to yourself or anyone if you dwell in sad-empathy with them.


The obvious question is, “What happens when I feel bad with them? Am I helping anything – them or myself – by feeling bad? Is anything effective coming out of my feeling bad?”


The answer is this: If there is, if feeling bad is bringing about a favourable outcome, then please continue. After all, that’s the goal – a favourable outcome.

But if it isn’t, then what do you do? If the goal is a favourable outcome and where you can achieve that goal is by maintaining or tending to your own vibration, which means to keep yourself from losing your connection to your Spirit, then why not do just that – Tend to your vibration. Stay connected.


It’s humanely difficult, uncomfortable, awkward to not show the same/similar emotions as others around you, especially in times of sadness simply because we humans have been conditioned to the belief that we NEED each other’s approval, validation, affirmation, love, likeness, etc.

This is not to say that where people are crying or grieving, one should burst into laughter in a bid to show the difference in belief or vibration. That’s just insensitivity. It is simply to say that one can show acknowledgement and understanding of where someone else is without being (carried away) in the same vibration.



First, Spirit always guides you to where you HAVE TO be but we understand that there are still some people in situations where they feel they need to be there to avoid judgement of looking crazy, being insensitive or not caring, etc. So…

Having to be there is one thing and having to be there for longer than is necessary for your own energetic comfort is another.

As written above, showing acknowledgement and understanding is one thing, dwelling/lingering in what is opposite to the connection to your Spirit is another.

Learning to choose your words more accurately in order to create a balance between what they want/need to hear and what you can say because anything else means nothing or is in a different vibrational field from you, is another way.

It’s all in your connection to your Spirit – what you can do or say.


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