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Let’s just start with the fact that this ‘secret’ is not really a secret but more a key – that is, what you need/require. You may call it a secret because not many realise this but still it is freely available to all.



Connection. Yes, it is as simple as that – yet not so easy for many. Connection to the source of you is all you need to live a fulfilled, happy, satisfied life – your best life.

You see, everyone has this access to connection but not everyone is plugged in. Plugging in is also not a one-time thing, it requires momentary maintenance. Meaning, you can plug in/connect one moment and disconnect the next moment but this is not a problem. You can always connect back anytime.

You see, everyone is plugged into something at any point in time, so it’s a matter of switching sockets (what one is plugged into).



Again, a simple but not-so-easy action: Going within. Everything you need is within you and there is no other place for you to go but within.

As every other thing one can be plugged into is external – and this is what many are used to – it may be a little difficult, yet not impossible, to get used to internal connection (to the world within) but this must be done and maintained more consistently than not, for one’s life direction to have a significant shift, a satisfactory and pleasurable one.



It calls you every time. All that is within you is always calling. You already know it, that is why you’re here reading this. If you don’t realise it now, you will realise it soon.

As it calls you, just answer. You’ll be guided from there. Just pay attention.



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