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Connecting to the inner you/inner guide/source of you/God, etc is an action one has to re-practice. This was a default mode of being when one was born but by energetic/spiritual-permission, one learns to connect to other things and disconnect from within.

However, there comes a time in one’s life when, also by energetic-permission, it’s time to find one’s way back. This is when one starts to re-learn or remember what one knew before and who one really is – which is a powerful being living in this body for many reasons.



By the time one is ready to find one’s way home, one has lived many different lives with many different experiences and outcomes. When one is at this point, the only thing that would fulfil this person is Home, and where is Home? Home is within.

It really doesn’t matter the specifics of the journey or what each one needs or desires at this time, all that matters is that there is no other place one can find fulfilment without being connected.

It is no surprise that those who are at this point in their journey live very unfulfilled/unhappy lives – until they answer this call to come Home. This is when you see them blossom.


So, how does it help? The connection shows you the way to go. It’s as simple as that.

You plug in your awareness to the inner guide and like a lighted path, you begin to KNOW where to place one foot, then the next and the next, etc, each step you take opening up to the next…. and not before.

All the specific details that is unique to each one becomes fulfilled every step of the way.



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