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I bring you this message – “SEEK IT FIRST“.


Have you ever heard this Christian bible saying, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you”?



‘It’ is the Kingdom of God.

‘It’/The Kingdom of God is the energy within, the source of your freedom, peace (Inner peace), joy, wisdom (Inner wisdom), love (unconditional love), power, satisfaction, fulfilment, strength, knowledge (In-tuition), abundance of blessings, prosperity, nature, etc.

‘It’ is the root of all things, the beginning of life.

‘It’ is all you need – the connection you must plug your awareness/mind into, the fuel for your life and conscious/intentional living.


Have you also heard the bible saying, “The Kingdom of God is within you”?

‘Jesus’ brought these messages and more to people of his time – some heard and understood, others didn’t.

It’s alright. Everyone has their time of readiness.


‘It’ is within you. No one else can extract it from you or connect to it for you. Everyone has ‘It’. It is up to you to access it.


Being able to access ‘It’ happens at different times for different people – it doesn’t matter when or how it happens. What matters is that you are now aware and if you are aware of ‘It’ in this way, you are possibly ready to access it.



The ‘how’ differs from one person to another. It calls each one from within them. You will get to a place where you’ll not be able to resist answering – It will burn in your heart, it will take over your life and the ‘how’ will automatically reveal itself to you because it will be the only way you can answer.


If you have answered and gone through/are going through your journey of learning to let go of all that isn’t part of who you have become/are becoming, the next post might be for you.


Remember, seek ‘IT’ first.


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