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There is Love that general society believes in. This is alright and not in question here.

Then, there is Love, which we are addressing here and this Love is what you may call Unconditional Love.

This Love has nothing to do with anyone else. This Love is a connection to the source of Love, which then fills you. Anyone or anything can be a recipient of this Love from you.

Like all inner connections, this is not a ‘plug-in-and-connect-once-and-you’re-permanently-filled-with-Love’ connection. This is what you consciously/intentionally choose to connect with on a daily or momentary basis. That is the only way to maintain your inner connection.

This Love is not about what someone has done or can do for you, it is not about what someone is to you or the relationship you have. This Love surpasses conditions (relationships, situations, etc) and gives regardless of them.


This Love doesn’t feel greater or less depending on whom it is giving to. It doesn’t have favourites or specials. It is equal and equitable by nature.

For example, this Love does not see one’s own children as more special than any other child.

This Love would not give more to one’s own partner and less to those in a ‘lesser’ relationship, unless that is what is truly fair and not because of the conditions (relationships of recipients). If the reverse is the fair and just option, that is what it would do instead.


This Love shows itself in many ways and not out of manipulation, pity, control, weakness, etc. This Love is energy – it is natural, it is there to be plugged into and connected to at anytime and will inspire action/inaction in anyway it sees fit the best.


Now, this Love is the opposite of Like. This is not to say that Like is wrong or bad. It is simply different and what mimicks Love in the physical world.



Like is conditional. It acts based on what one is to the other, what one has done for the other or can do for the other in return.

If the conditions are not favourable, it disappears completely or withholds its actions.

Like is often mistaken for Love and treated as such but the one difference is that Like is about ‘Give and Take’ or ‘Take’ only, while Love is about ‘Give’ only.


Love will ‘do’ (insert action) or ‘not do’ depending on what’s best in the situation – regardless of any other thing.

Like will ‘do’ if it is for family/friend/Boss or if it will bring a reward/promotion/validation/recognition, etc and will not do if none of that is the case.

This comparison is not to pit one against the other but to make aware the difference, so that one knows what one is tapping into. It is alright to tap into both at appropriate times because the physical world does function with Like.

It is like money – an exchange. That’s what Like is – an emotional exchange. This is alright and part of being in the physical world.


However, the more you plug into and connect with the source of Love, the more you function from Love than Like.



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