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Let’s begin by explaining what we mean by ‘Spirituality’.

Spirituality is an inner life, consisting of other senses beyond those found in the physical. It is an internal world filled with other beings, energy and concepts beyond those we know and can perceive with our physical senses. It is the ‘other side’ of every living thing; “2 sides of the same coin”.

Spirituality is the source of physicality; the root of all things physical. Physicality is only a branch on the tree of Spirituality.

Now, we come to the topic of this post.

To be spiritual is to be in tune with Spirituality – this Inner Life, Internal World, Other Side, Source.


As addressed in this post about Spirituality and Religion, Spirituality is not the same as Religion nor the same as the ‘act’ of spirituality, commonly mistaken for Spirituality itself. Therefore, being spiritual has nothing to do with what others see but what goes on within you and no one can fully understand what goes on within another living being.

Others may or may not be able to see a part of it. You may or may not choose to show it to others – You can only show a part of it, no matter how hard you try (and this is where the ‘act’ of spirituality comes in, when people try to ‘force-show’ all of their Spirituality).

You may or may not choose to share it with others – Still, you cannot share all of it (again, the ‘act’ of spirituality can be at play here when trying to do so).

Every living thing has access to it anyway but not everyone accesses it – not everyone is in tune/in connection with it. This is okay and will be addressed in a different post.


Being spiritual is a personal matter – It is up to an individual and its Spirit (the primary energy of the living being, the life force of the individual) but can be made public or remain private, depending on the individual and their journey. It doesn’t matter.

Spirituality is the same as Nature and there are many ways one can express Spirituality (in other words, ‘be spiritual’) and this, as well, depends on the individual and their journey.

Some express Spirituality unknowingly and some call it other things, others are half-aware of what they are expressing, while others are fully in the know. There are different journeys in each life and different levels in each journey.