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Following this post about Science and Spirituality, let’s address another assumption.

As usual, before we begin, let’s explain what we mean by ‘Spirituality’.

Spirituality is an inner life, consisting of other senses beyond those found in the physical. It is an internal world filled with other beings, energy and concepts beyond those we know and can perceive with our physical senses. It is the ‘other side’ of every living thing; “2 sides of the same coin”.

Spirituality is the source of physicality; the root of all things physical. Physicality is only a branch on the tree of Spirituality.


Now, we come to the topic of this post.

Religion, like Science, is a leaf on the branch of Physicality, on the tree of Spirituality. However, unlike Science, Religion does not seek to understand Spirituality with the physical senses but rather makes a belief system based on its understanding of Spirituality. These belief systems are the fruits on this branch of Physicality and the many ways Spirituality is expressed.

As anything human-made, Religion is controlled and manipulated by humans and is, therefore, fallible.


Spirituality is and will always be.

Religion follows some of what Spirituality is – what it knows of Spirituality or other people who practised Spirituality or the ‘act’ of spirituality – and creates rules, traditions, rituals, etc around it.


Spirituality is not human-made, therefore cannot be controlled or manipulated by humans.

On the other hand, “the ‘act’ of spirituality” is a human-concept commonly mistaken for Spirituality, itself and is usually adjusted to suit the human(s). Spirituality is not an act, a religion, a belief system – anymore than ‘Nature’ is a belief system.


Spirituality is ‘Nature’ and exists independently. It does not require Religion or the ‘act’ of spirituality but can be expressed with either.