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Hello, everyone. It seems we’re back again, for now.

Before we continue, let’s explain what we mean by ‘Spirituality’.

Spirituality is an inner life, consisting of other senses beyond those found in the physical. It is an internal world filled with other beings, energy and concepts beyond those we know and can perceive with our physical senses. It is the ‘other side’ of every living thing; “2 sides of the same coin”.

Spirituality is the source of physicality; the root of all things physical. Physicality is only a branch on the tree of Spirituality.


Now, we come to the topic of this post.

Science is a leaf on the branch of Physicality, on the tree of Spirituality. ‘Science’ is one of the many ways Spirituality can be understood with the physical senses.

‘Arts’ is another leaf. The many different ways Science, Arts, etc are explored, are the fruits on this branch. These fruits are the different ways of expressing Spirituality in the physical.


Bear in mind that the words ‘Science’, ‘Arts’, ‘Technology’, etc are only words made up to describe concepts and put them in neat boxes. These words are only necessary in the physical, therefore we are not going to get hung up on them. Spiritually, everything is intertwined and flowing in harmony.


Spirituality is the ‘What‘, Science is the ‘How‘. Spirituality gives Science the materials to study, observe, explore and copy.

Spirituality is and will always be.

Science evolves – to accommodate new materials, new ways of understanding, exploring and studying.

Spirituality is not human-made, therefore cannot be controlled or manipulated by humans. Science is and will always be controlled and manipulated by humans – therefore, every scientist, study, observation, exploration and copy is fallible.


Spirituality is different from “the ‘act’ of spirituality”, which is a human-concept, commonly substituted for Spirituality, itself and is usually controlled and manipulated to suit the human. Spirituality is not an act, a religion, a belief system – anymore than ‘Nature’ is a belief system.


Spirituality is ‘Nature’. Science seeks to understand Nature and work with its beings (‘laws’ and ‘concepts’). Without Spirituality, there is no Science.

Inspiration is a leaf on a different branch, found on the tree of Spirituality and this energy of inspiration is what prompts some of these interests, studies, exploration, etc which develop into something wonderful we can experience in the physical.

Without Spirituality, there is nothing in the physical. Nothing worth anything, anyway.