You may have been told to expect good things and good things will come to you. On the other hand, if you expect bad things – or don’t expect good things – then bad things will happen to you.

Good news! What happens or doesn’t happen is not because of what you expect, in itself. Expectation has no power to solve anything.






It is a mental state. Expectation is your mind telling you to look out for the good or bad thing that will or could happen. Expectation is the other side of worry. Expectation often happens with evidence (You have concrete reason to expect good and you believe it will happen) but not always so (You don’t have proof but you feel it could be and hope the feeling is right OR you want it to be and hope it will). Expectation can be for either good or bad but is mostly used in a ‘good’ context.

Worry is ‘negative expectation’, so it is always used in a ‘bad’ context. Worry also happens either with evidence (There is reason to worry because of the solid proof you have that a bad thing will happen) OR without (You have no actual reason to worry but things feel worrisome and you are hoping no bad thing is going to happen).


In this article, we are addressing the ‘good or positive expectation‘.

Some people may have told you to always be in a state of expectation because that is when what you want will come to you. They say that if you expect nothing, the universe gives you nothing.

Expecting good things is a good thing but it doesn’t affect what will be and when it will be.

Have you ever expected good things and bad still happened? Have you ever expected bad things and good still happened? This is because it doesn’t matter what you expect. What matters is where you are and the consequence/result of where you are/what you are doing – are you on your path or not.

On the other hand, you may have also had times when you expected good things and good things did happen OR you expected bad things and bad things did happen. This is not because of your expectation. It is still as a consequence/result of where you are/what you did – if you were on your path or not, if it was meant to be or not, etc.



‘Knowing’ is the awareness of what will be. What we call ‘KNOWING’ here is a revelation from Spirit of what is about to happen or what is going to happen at some point. This is not something you (mind) can decide to do. It is either revealed to you (mind) – in that case, you KNOW – or it is not.

Now, when you do KNOW, you then EXPECT what you know. What then happens is not as a result of you expecting it, it is simply what happens.


Here are a few examples:

1) Someone tells you they will visit you at ‘so-and-so’ time of the afternoon.

You begin expecting them for that time. When they arrive at that time, would you say it was your expectation that caused them to arrive or they arrived because they planned to arrive?


2) Someone tells you they will visit you tomorrow but don’t say the time.

You expect them on that day but because you don’t have a specific time for their visit, your expectation is general.

They arrive at some point on that day but would you say your expectation is what caused them to come or you expected them because you knew (were told) they would come?


3) You have a feeling a friend of yours will show up tomorrow. You are expecting it to happen. You have no actual reason for this but somehow it just feels like it.

Tomorrow comes and your friend shows up. Would you say your friend showed up because you were expecting them to or your expectation was due to a sense that it was going to happen? Would you say that if you hadn’t expected them to show up, your friend wouldn’t have? Would you think your expectation is what prompted them to show up or you picked up on the vibration of that intention?


4) You are expecting your friend to show up tomorrow. You have no ‘sense’ that this will happen, you just are expecting it – perhaps because it isn’t far from what your friend could do.

Tomorrow comes and your friend shows up. Again, would you say this was as a result of your expectation or it was going to happen anyway whether you expected it or not?


For these examples, the person you are expecting can still not show up for some reason. Perhaps they changed their minds or something else came up. Your expectation bears no significance to the outcome.


SUMMARY: If you have a KNOWING that some thing good will happen, you expect it. If you have a KNOWING that something bad will happen, you worry about it/expect it.

On the other hand, you can also expect something good or bad to happen without having a KNOWING.



Well, you can control one and not the other. You can control expectations but you cannot control KNOWING.

KNOWING trumps Expectation. KNOWING is surety/assurance. Expectation is belief or hope on wheels. They are not equal, still one does not need to stop expecting good things. However, expecting good things when you are on a different path or a different time zone from what you are expecting will only bring you disappointment or frustration (wondering why your ‘expectation exercises’ don’t work or hasn’t manifested yet).


Expecting bad things to happen often comes as a result of bad experiences – external or internal or both. These bad experiences often happen as a result of one not being on their true path.

When someone, whose mind is prone to expecting ‘the other shoe to drop’ (because it has always done so, in the past), finally gets on their true path, this pattern of thinking or mental state is something that will need work – like every other unhealthy pattern of thinking they accumulated in their old life. It doesn’t just disappear automatically or overnight BUT it is not what will affect the outcome of anything they have already worked on or what is meant to come to them.

Spirit will work with them on all levels, not because their thoughts in itself is what affects their true path (it doesn’t) but because they may act based on those thoughts and this action will THEN affect their path AND because each mind is being purified on the true path.

Every issue will be worked on as one progresses on their path while still receiving all they need at each point. This is for release and detachment purposes (letting go of old stuff that you don’t need), therefore growth and transformation.



Get on your Path. Work with your Spirit. You will KNOW what you need when you need it. Feel free to mentally expect or not then. Otherwise, keeping yourself in the place of expectation as a ‘spiritual exercise’ with or without spirit-connection is not necessary. It is only a (mental) gamble – what you are expecting may or may not happen.

Wouldn’t you rather know for sure or at least release yourself from constantly obsessing over it because what will be will be and your only job is to stay on your path and follow your Spirit?