This world has an unhealthy idea of death which has been passed down from one generation to the other. *Seemingly* scary and horrific images are used to portray death and horror, consequently heightening unfounded fear and alienating people further.

One of these images used to evoke fear is the human skeleton – specifically, the skull.


Supposedly evil skulls



How has something so harmless and natural become a symbol of horror?

Harmless skeleton (bones), they all are.

Only those who have not yet reached an understanding of life – both physical and superphysical/spiritual/non-physical – take Death as a bad thing for the dead. They see Death as something to be afraid of, not want or accept; as something which has befallen the ‘deceased’ and they may not be happy that they died.

Death is not the enemy. Fear of it is.

Granted, some people do not so much fear death as they fear the uncertainty of it – how and when they will die.



What is Death?

Death is necessary for the evolution of souls. It contributes to the ongoing awakening to a different world, life, realm. Death to this world is Life to a new place. Death is only a final stage of the human body in this physical world but not a final stage of the Soul/Spirit – which is the real Being in the body. Death is the Soul/Spirit leaving the body to go somewhere else. Death is not something that happens to a Spirit. The Spirit chose it, planned/desired/manifested to go and saw it coming. If the Spirit does not leave the body, the person is not dead. Therefore, Death is the willingness of the Spirit to leave the body.



Why does a spirit leave?

Souls/Spirits leave their bodies for many different reasons. Some of which are:

  • The Spirit is done with what it came to this world to do – it doesn’t matter how long it took in the physical world. It could be for a short time, medium or long time.
  • The Spirit decides to not continue, for whatever reason. It is usually as a result of “no further desire or use to be in the physical“, for some reason, etc.


If it is not time for a Soul/Spirit to leave – if the Spirit has not chosen to leave yet – nothing can kill the body. Therefore, you CANNOT die unless it is approved by you – your Spirit/Soul, that which is the real you, the Being in your human-ness, that which is part of Source /God/Universe, etc – therefore that which is Source/God/Universe, etc in you.

In the same instance, nothing significant – “good” or “bad” – can happen to you unless it has been/is approved by you – your Spirit/Soul, that which is the real you, the Being in your human-ness, that which is part of Source /God/Universe, etc – therefore that which is Source/God/Universe, etc in you.


When you understand this, and you will at some point in life – this one or the next or the next after that, etc – you will realise there is no need to fear Death ( or to fear anything in general) because Death is not some powerful Being waiting to take you away, neither is it the work of some powerful Being looking for people to kill. You will realise that it is simply an energetic process manifested by you – the real you, Soul/Spirit – when it wishes to leave this physical body, back to its Source or another life.



Do we know when we will die?

Yes and No.

Instead of fearing death, get into alignment with your Self, Spirit/Soul/Being. When you are always plugged in and in sync with your Spirit, you will always be aware of anything that is about to happen to and with you. It will either come as a strong desire to you, an impulse, an information from within (You may click to read this post on how we all receive spiritual information), epiphany, etc…..either way, you cannot shake it or go against it. This is how you live your best life – by divine inspiration, guidance and motivation.

When you live your life this way, trust and believe that when it is time for your Being/Soul to leave your body, you will know. If you still remain in sync, you will be able to take the time to put anything you wish in order, say all the goodbyes you want to (without alerting anyone to why, if you don’t wish to) and peacefully surrender to the transition manifestatIon that is already underway.


The decision about how it happens is determined by many factors (This will be addressed in another post).


However, if you are not in sync, plugged in with your Being, it will come as a surprise to your mind (not because your Being didn’t let your mind know but because your mind was not paying attention to your Being’s information and guidance) and if it is a long process of death, your mind will suffer to go through it because it has no idea what is happening or why and it struggles to let go of its attachment to this world.



Who is affected by death?

The dead (to this world, the Being in the body, the Spirit) is not affected by Death in any way. The notion that Death happened to a Soul and they need help dealing with it in the spiritual realm is not anywhere near the truth. It is still based on the lack of understanding of life (and death).

The only ones Death affects are the humans – through their minds. Their Beings are not affected either. The human mind is what processes Death with human emotions and feels many things about it. The mind is what projects these emotions onto the dead, making it seem like the dead feel emotions. They don’t. The mind is what makes you feel like a Spirit is crying or sad etc. It isn’t. What one may sense is the energy behind the Spirit’s passing – from the loved ones. The human mind is what triggers the emotion of loss, grieve, sadness, etc and can also learn any lesson that is part of its Life Path.

The mind of the one dying will also suffer, if it is not in alignment with its Soul/Spirit.


All the fuss surrounding Death, including burial, ceremonies, traditions, last wishes of the human mind of the dead body, etc is simply for the human mind of those still in this world – a way to cope, to feel better. This is not necessarily a bad thing but something to become aware of. When you are aware of it and truly understand it, many things will change in the way you feel about and treat Death. It has no power except the one given to it.




The Spirit (of the dead to this world) is back to being free, at peace, joyful, content, satisfied, fulfilled, powerful, love, etc with no single issue/problem and projects all that goodness to those who may receive it through their Spirit. They are already in a state of “let-go-ness”. The ones who need to learn to let go are the humans who are still in sync and attached to their minds, therefore guided by it.


Being in sync with your Spirit doesn’t stop you from understanding emotions or feeling things but it stops the mind/emotions/feelings from controlling/owning you, as opposed to you controlling them because you know what they are.