Some people who say “We/You are God or gods” say this from a mental point of view. You will know them by the ‘pride’ they exude when they make this statement. In making this statement, they are trying to show that they are powerful and can do anything.

Some are trying to convince themselves and others of something. What that something is, some of them do not even know.

The mistake these people make is that when they use the word ‘You’ or ‘We’ or ‘I’, they are referring to their minds.


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On the other hand, you have some people who scoff at the people who say “We/You are God or gods”.

These ‘scoffers’ disagree with those who say so because they are also seeing the pronouns (We/You/I) from a mental perspective. There is no way a human can be a god/God, they conclude. They believe those who say so are egotistical, at best and delusional, at worst – or the other way round.


Somewhere in between, there are some who say the words “We/You are God or gods” as a statement of truth without any emotion attached to it. These people rarely need to say those words, in the first place. They know it and that’s it.



It is neither a thing of pride nor humility to know that you are God/gods or to be God/gods. It is what it is. You are part of what is called ‘God’. However, to see this as something that should neither be celebrated nor dishonored, you must realise the you that is being referred to here.

The third category of people mentioned above are the ones who understand this.


The ‘You’ who is God/god is the eternal part of you – the Spirit, the Soul – and not the part of you that wants to be God in order to feel important or powerful.

This ‘You’ that is God/god is what it is and is used to being what it is. It is normal for it. Your Mind is what, upon realising this, seeks to use it as a speaking/selling point. Your Mind, upon knowing this, is what feels intimidated (enough to be a ‘scoffer’) or arrogant about it.



When you are living from the place of Spirit, using “I am a God/god” or “You are God/gods” as a motivational speech is the same as using “You are a man/woman” as a motivational speech. It’s unnecessary. It is pointless, from a Spirit/Soul point of view. It is only to inflate the ego.

One reason is that humans give titles/labels but the functions of what has been labelled often go beyond the titles and subsequent expectations assigned to them.

God is a title some humans have given to the collective/source energy, through which every energy was, is and will be created (Energy CAN be created but cannot be destroyed, after creation. The process of creation does not reverse, it only evolves from a starting point).

Therefore, the title ‘God’ is held sacred and elevated only by the human mind, which is why it can be seen (from a mental place) as a thing of pride/power/inspiration/motivation OR blasphemy to declare yourself or others as Gods.



When you remove the closely-guarded title of ‘God’ and rephrase to say “We (Spirit/Soul) are all part of the collective/source energy or spirit or soul“, it might be easier for some to digest but it does not sound as high and mighty as some would prefer. It just sounds like a normal statement, which can be easily ignored.

That’s the point. It *IS* a normal statement (of truth) and it should be easily ignored because it is no big deal. Just like saying, “I am a man/woman” is no big deal to those who are because you already know it as true.


Since you (Spirit/Soul) came from this energy, you (Spirit/Soul) are this energy. You (Spirit/Soul) are the image of this energy, the child – so to speak – of this collective/source energy.

Your Mind is not this energy because it didn’t come from it.

Water does not stop being water when it is fetched from its source. It is still what it is, just channelled somewhere else. It eventually returns to its source no matter how long it takes.



You will realise that the only time this God/god (that you are) is in charge is when you are operating from the place of (your) Spirit. Otherwise, it is just your mind coming up with what it needs to do to prove that you are God/a god.

But, someday it will exhaust itself and truly give in to God/god. This is either when your awakening begins or when you make a huge leap in your already-begun process of awakening.


There is nothing inherently wrong with being in the first two categories of people mentioned above. It is only the point one is at and will eventually evolve.