Some people will have the above questions (re: Title) when they read articles on this site, going on about:

Ask Spirit before you do this or that...’,

Spirit will give you this answer or that reply..’

If Spirit says wait, then wait‘, etc.

To them, this is the opposite of empowerment and freedom that this site claims Spirit gives.

So where is the free will? When is the freedom to decide what you want coming? Why does Spirit decide your life and you have to trust it and go along with it…otherwise things don’t work out so well?

None of this sounds like fun.


If you are of this opinion, let’s make it a bit clearer:

It is easier to break things down into different functions.

If we state here that ‘you are the one guiding you and you are the one following you;  you are also the one observing the you that is guiding you and the you that is following you‘, it just becomes confusing.

It may become another philosophical conundrum.

However, it is all one and the same, as far as this site is concerned. There’s no one stopping you from coming at this from any angle, whether religious, spiritual, philosophical, etc.

It doesn’t matter how you see it, the important thing that is encouraged here is to understand the functions of the ‘you’, so you know exactly what is happening.


In a sense, you are one with your Spirit, Mind, Soul, Body, Source/Nature/God. It is all you except with different functions and two of them are temporary (mind and body).

What is referred to as ‘Spirit’ here, is the part of you that knows all things but focused on the life you are living. Meaning, if you ask it (another way of saying “inquire within” or “search within“) about other people’s lives or what is happening in the world, it may or may not tell you depending on the usefulness of such information to your life.

Whatever information you get from it (you) is something that is necessary for the life you are living – directly and in connection to specific others.

Idle chit-chat and gossip about what doesn’t add to your life or the life of those you are connected to in this life (not the same as ‘family and friends’. Soul connection is different and can include some family and friends but not automatically) is not a thing for the Book of Knowledge/Spirit of Truth/Wisdom/Intuition/that part of you, etc.

The information you receive comes from you to your mind, which is the part of you that uses information for this world.

It is all you. You are in control. It is your free will to lead you according to your Path. It is your free will to follow that eternal, all-knowing part of you or follow earthly experiences.

Who is doing the following? Your mind, through your awareness of both realms; Physical/Spiritual – whether you know that you are aware or not.

Meaning, some people can follow this ‘Spirit’ but don’t see it that way. Instead, they know they follow their ‘gut instinct/intuition’ and what feels true from within. This is still the same thing. It doesn’t need to have a spiritual label or any label to follow it. It all is up to you, the perspective from which you come at it.


What some mistake this ‘you-ness’ to be is the Mind. When they hear ‘You’, some automatically see this from a mental perspective, which is why it is mostly separated on this site. Therefore, ‘you’ is generally used as the mind and other parts of you is called different things, to differentiate from the functions.

So on this site, instead of saying things like: “You have all it takes to be what you want to be”, you will rather find this statement: “Your Spirit/Soul has all it takes to lead you to where you ought to be, the best place for you”.

These two statements are correct and basically the same but can be read differently.

The first one will get some people scrambling to make things happen with the mind – trying to be what the mind says they would like to be. The second one will make some rely on a separate Being to make things happen for them by begging, pleading, affirming, visualising, meditating and trying to do good, all in exchange for it AND make some others realise that this ‘Spirit’ is part of them, the omniscient part of them and this is the part of them that can and will be all it will be, through their physical body. The mind is only there to gather information, experience, observe and enjoy/not enjoy the ride.

When you embrace this part of you, things get continuously easier, along the way. There is now harmony from within.


Some people are used to engaging from the mind as that is the dominant part of them, with its worldly knowledge about everything else but themselves. Therefore when the mind is told to take the back seat, it feels like you (mind) are no longer in charge and as long as you keep seeing your mind as the only ‘you’, you will always feel this way.

When you begin to see that you are all of it, you will realise there is no one else making you do anything, giving you instructions, guidance, permission or approval except you. You will realise how important it is to listen to that part of you because you have your best interest at heart and are here for you.


There is no condemnation though if you choose to separate these ‘YOUs’ and call them different things, as long as you still know what you are.

In fact, it can be rather helpful in order to differentiate when a prompting is coming from the mind part of you or the spirit part of you. If you mesh them all together, you may have to take every action you are prompted to take (both the mind and the spirit prompt) to see which works or not. If you like that sort of thing, go for it.

If you don’t, then you can tell which prompting is coming from where and you know each prompting coming from Spirit is the thing to do. The one coming from the mind has to be considered from the place of the Spirit. If you prefer living this way, then do so as well.


This whole concept is not something that can be explained completely with words. One cannot quantify the ‘spirit-realm’. It can and does manifest in so many ways.

If you are confused by all this, that is the point. Words aren’t enough. It cannot become just knowledge. You will live it. You will know it intuitively, if not now, then later.

If you understood and resonate with this, kudos to you. You may be living it already or are well on your way.


Either way, I hope you open the door to Peace that only you (Spirit) can give you (Mind) and hold onto it.