When you get to a point in life, you’ll find that eating the foods that are satisfying to your Being demands your attention 100%.

You cannot determine if a food makes your cells sing or not, if you are not focused on the food you are eating, instead your attention is divided between the food and other things.

If you really want to experiment to find (more) foods that give you this upliftment, you will need to be present while you eat them. This means, no distractions. This is part of what mindful-eating is about.

Take the food, if possible, sit alone and just eat. If you can, try to savour each bite/spoonful with your eyes closed, just feeling around for the way your Being responds. You will be able to tell easily if your cells are singing or not, if you are looking out for it.

Remember, enjoyment of the food is different from your Being’s satisfaction. It can be easily mistaken, which is why keeping your focus on the food you are eating is necessary.

One can enjoy coffee immensely but when they start feeling around for the singing cells, the uplifted Being, they may find none. Same goes for any other food/drink you may enjoy.

On the other hand, one CAN find that their Being is satisfied while they are having what they enjoy. The point is to KNOW it by looking out for it.

This is not to say that you cannot eat with others or eat and do other things at the same time. It is entirely up to you, what you do but if you really want to get the utmost effect from what you feed your body, you may want to treat it as a personal and intimate experience when you feed it, because it is.

When you are distracted, you may not realise your body’s signal and eating becomes automatic for you. Food in the mouth – chew – swallow, food in the mouth – chew – swallow, drink – swallow, food/drink in the mouth – chew/swallow – talk – food/drink in the mouth, and on and on. That is all it will be and by the time you finish, you realise you had no idea how you truly felt while eating.

Your cells may well sing but there was no interaction of energy or collaboration happening. It’s like doing a haphazard work: It’s good but isn’t as good as it could be.


When your Being is elevated, it isn’t just because of the food you gave it, it is also as a result of the energy transmitted from your TRUE enjoyment of the food (where everything within you is in agreement, as opposed to one or two parts of you enjoying the food), the true satisfaction you get because of this and the transference of energy between every part of you, singing in unison and working together like a well-oiled machine.


It is a pleasurable experience, each time you eat this way – regardless of how long it took. It can be 5 seconds or 30 minutes. If you have people/someone with who/whom you can eat this way, fantastic!

You definitely can sit with others while focused on your food.





It can take a while to get to different points. If you are not there yet, do not worry. You will get there. It’s not a race. No competition necessary. Just continue to follow your Spirit. That’s all that matters. You cannot do this through the Mind. Someone can give you this knowledge but no one can truly get you there.

There is no condemnation for anyone, regardless of where they are – especially for those on their Path, taking it one day at a time.