Just like nature’s seasonal cycle, the body intuitively goes through its own cycle. However, this has been overridden by conditioning, from what is being put inside it to what it’s deprived of.

The body surely takes what it is given and makes of it what it will but the body is an intelligent organism/system. It will tell you what it needs, if you let it.



After years of conditioning, the body has to be reset to ‘factory settings‘ (how it functioned from the beginning – when you were born) before it can begin to function intelligently and independently again.

Like a school child who has been told what to do all their school years, then asked to make a decision by themselves after finishing school – one that will affect their whole life. It’s going to take some processing and adjusting to become independently responsible for one’s own life in that situation. Although, some adjust quicker than others.

This is the same for the body.


If you are following your Spirit, it will introduce you to your body’s ‘factory settings‘ and will guide you to follow it intuitively. You will notice that you lean towards certain foods (Not the same as saying ‘certain KINDS of foods’. Just individual foods from different categories). It could be one particular food or more than one.

As your body’s cycle changes, your body’s leanings/promptings will change as well and you will be drawn to different foods.


You may not succeed in intellectualizing what your body is doing. Go with the flow. It does not owe you any ‘mentally reasonable’ explanation for its promptings. It likes it. Full stop.

Why does a Lion eat a Deer? It just does. Full stop. You can decide to give it a reason but it doesn’t matter.




When you (Mind) decide that you will only eat certain types of foods, as a rule (for whatever reason), you are already out of balance with your body and Spirit in that area because everything is fluid. There is no rigidity to what must be or not be and when it must be. You will find that your body likes what it likes when it likes and this is completely independent of what another person’s body likes and needs.

People can have similar body needs/leanings/promptings but this bears no significance to individual needs. It should not automatically be assigned to a group, as the standard.




There is a difference between “I can eat this” AND “I enjoy/love to eat this”.

It is okay to eat what you feel you can eat, if you want to but if your body rejects whatever you feed it: by taste (doesn’t taste good to you), force (diarrhoea, vomiting) or allergies, etc, it is a sign to re-evaluate and listen to your body. Taste buds don’t lie. They can change needs (therefore, taste preference) as cycles change but never lie whenever they tell you something doesn’t taste good to *you* or something does, at any given time.

On the other hand, if your body/cells are not uplifted WHILE you are eating, you are doing yourself a disservice. There is no amount of ‘mindfulness-eating’ that can get your body system to sing while you are eating what it does not need/want/like. Nature cannot lie. You may believe you feel better, the mind is good at that but your system just shrugs. Your mind cannot control your body but your body can get used to being ignored or find other ways to get attention.

WHEN you are eating, everything within you should SING in fulfillment at the very taste of what you are eating.

When you follow your body, even some foods that you thought you liked will be revealed as not what makes your cells sing. If you are deep in your walk with Spirit, you will recognise this truth. Sure, you liked it *insert name of food* and even enjoyed it but it really doesn’t fill your being with satisfaction like that other one *insert the food you have allowed your body/Spirit to suggest to you* does. You may realise that you liked it for other reasons or you simply ate it because you can but it truly does nothing for you (re: singing cells).




Some people fear hunger pangs. Some medical professionals have advised people against waiting to feel hunger pangs before eating, citing a lot of ‘dangerous things’ that could happen to the body if it does not receive meals every few hours.

This is part of the problem: Giving, to a group, advice that may be meant for specific people’s body needs.


Everything in nature has a sign to follow. Hunger pang tells you it is time to eat. You do not have to wait until you are ravenous to comply. It is up to you to choose to do so, if you want to wait longer but the point is to listen to what your body is saying. Feeling ravenous means you have not fed your body since it gave you a sign that it is time to eat.

Thirst (not dehydration) is your body’s way of letting you know it needs a drink. Dehydration means you have not been listening to your body the many times it gave you signs of thirst.

By following this, you could even work out your body’s pattern of when it tends to feel hungry, thirsty and even sleepy but don’t make it a rule because it can change at anytime.

Just like nature’s seasons, they have patterns but don’t always obey the rigid timing set for them because of this observation of their patterns.




Have you ever wondered why children will only eat happily if they are hungry? Or why they can eat anything and be satisfied? By anything, this means what they like.

All babies, most younger children, some older children, ALL ‘wild’ animals and SOME domesticated animals are still automatically closest to nature/their natural instincts/soul/spirit – besides some older children and some adults who have re-learned or are re-learning to get close to theirs.


A child can drink juice for the whole day because it is what they feel drawn to do (automatically, without mentally weighing it all) and be just as energetic as they would if they ate the standard 3-square meals.

A child intuitively goes for what their body prompts them towards until they are conditioned to eat certain foods at certain times, by the adults in their lives who are always worried about them.

A child can eat only cake or broccoli or pasta for a whole day and be satisfied. A child will refuse to eat what they don’t want to eat (because nothing within them is pushing them towards it) until adults decide what is healthy for them and what isn’t.

NOTE: The concern/worry adults feel for their children stems from the root of caring about them. However worry is a mental reaction/emotion to what may or may not be and acting from the place of worry is a sign of the mind in control and less connection with spirit.




Your body will also tell you the quantity of food to eat. It is either you will know/be told (however you receive information) or you can always tell by feeling when your Being is not ‘singing’ while you eat that food.

For example: You are prompted to eat (let’s call it) ‘X’. You eat a small plate of ‘X’ and you are in the best mood from within, in that moment. Everything within you is hollering in satisfaction.

Because you enjoyed ‘X’ so much, you decide to get a second helping. You are now eating the second plate of ‘X’ but your Being is no longer singing.

If you are not mindful, you will miss this sign and you will mistake your enjoyment of it for your cells singing. Also, if you are mindful enough or when you become used to doing so, you will hear/see/feel, etc when to stop. You will even get to know the amount that causes your Being to elevate.

You can even start eating something you enjoy and after a while, the taste just turns bad/different/bitter/sour in your mouth. You become put off by it. It’s part of the way your body tells you it’s done.


Enjoyment of food and cells singing are different. Your cells will not necessarily sing when/because you enjoy a particular food but you will always enjoy the food that causes your cells to sing, assuming you are not fighting the food with your mental resistance.


Your body NEVER gorges. It can need/want to eat a particular thing everyday but it doesn’t need a huge amount in one sitting to be satisfied.


When you really start following your body, you will find that you may often be satisfied on not a lot of food, only once or twice a day because it is still nourishing you from both the nutrients and the energy released.

One can be satisfied without feeling full. You don’t need to feel full if you are satisfied but there is also nothing wrong with feeling full and satisfied.


You may also find that you will go back to something you enjoyed as a child before you learned/were taught to stop wanting it.

When you only eat what satisfies you, you will find that you no longer have to fight with yourself each time you go food shopping. You will have no need to buy things on a whim because you ‘crave’ them or struggle with temptation of all those delicious-looking items on the shelves. You are only out for what satisfies and makes you come alive. You can buy something just to try it and see if it does but you need nothing. You are back in control.


NOTE: What is being written here is different from the buzz one gets from alcohol or food. This ‘buzz’ is not wholesome. It is as a result of relief, in that moment, from mental/emotional issues. It does not have a lasting positive effect.




The fear some people may have when they think of relying on the body, through their Spirit, to tell them what it needs is the conditioning that some things are bad for everyone and some things are good for everyone. They fear their body will ask for the ‘bad’ foods, which will get them to become ‘bad’ (‘unhealthy’) themselves – and worse, FAT!


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Society has frightened its members into compulsive eating, whether with what they deem to be healthy for all or what they deem to be unhealthy for all.

People react differently: some people will compulsively choose ‘healthy food’ out of fear of becoming ‘unhealthy’ AND some will choose ‘unhealthy food’ out of mental and emotional comfort (compensating for other issues), rebellion against society’s standards, lack of freedom (financial, etc) and so on.

People also eat out of boredom or idleness. This is not the same as the body needing/prompting you to eat, although it can seem like it if you are not mindful.

Either way, it is not done from the Soul. It is not chosen freely.




The same thing can be said about water or any other drink. When you feel thirsty, it’s your body’s signal to drink. If you are mindful, you will learn what it needs in that particular time: water or tea or juice, etc (which can change at any time). If you drink what it needs in that moment, you will know by the same feeling: you cells will sing and you will be satisfied. Even when you thought it was hunger. If your cells don’t sing, then you haven’t given it what it asked for.

If they sing and then stop singing while you are still drinking or having a second or third cup or glass, it has had enough of what it needs.

If your body used to sing when you would have a particular food or drink but after a while, it no longer does, it means it is done needing that food or drink for the time being.

As written above, the body is ever-changing with its needs. There is no guarantee of permanence in what it needs or what it doesn’t need.




Labels can be useful but the need for them has boxed people into a corner with no wiggle room. When you give yourself a label based on the food you (Mind) have decided to feed your body (without its approval), you either cannot hear it when it calls you OR you are ashamed or afraid of people’s opinions – and even your mind’s opinions – so will not follow it.

When you treat everything as fluid/ever-shifting, you flow like the wind – blowing where nature calls.




Are you ready to return to your ‘factory settings‘, to follow what *your* body needs and is drawing you towards – knowing that each time you eat, your whole Being will sing and be nourished because it isn’t eating to survive but to live ….and to thrive?

You can be the healthiest *you* have ever been because you are working with *your* own system.

When you start eating this way, you will find that some physical ailments begin to disappear. They were simply a sign of your body not getting what it needs.

Some emotional issues will disappear too. This is not because you are eating out of emotions (Comfort eating/emotional-eating, which doesn’t change what is going on inside), instead your emotions react to the food you eat and if you eat what satisfies your whole Being, your feelings will reflect it.

Think of it like this:

Emotional-eating = Food is dependent on emotions. The emotion decides what food to eat, when to eat and the amount.

Soul-eating/Following the body’s natural call = Emotions react positively to whatever is being eaten because it is satisfying to the body on all levels. The food controls the emotion, not the other way round.


There is a fine line here and it’s easy to miss or mistake when not mindful/following one’s Spirit/soul/body.




The biggest challenge you may face will be the mind: Fear of what you will look like, what people will think, etc.

Another one may be how to actually find your way back to ‘factory settings‘ because this will not be effective unless you are there. Chances are you have made a lot of food choices based on your Mind. It is time to turn back.

Know that your body’s aim is not to get you to eat non-stop (It never does). It is to get you to eat what it needs, when it needs it and to stop when it is satisfied. It never asks for anything unnecessarily. So if you are being prompted to eat a particular food, there is a reason for it.

Your taste buds will definitely enjoy it even if your mind has convinced itself otherwise because that food is considered ‘bad’ or ‘unhealthy’ for all.



The most important meal is that which your body prompts you to eat. The most important time to eat is when your body tells you it needs it. The best amount of food to eat is that which is enough to satisfy your body’s ‘singing cells’.

If you claim that there is no way Spirit will tell someone to eat what you class as ‘unhealthy’, you are making that claim from a mental perspective. Have you really asked Spirit? Please do so for your own peace of mind….and most importantly, focus on yourself and don’t rule out anything. Your resistance may be affecting your communication on this matter.


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