This article addresses the two points raised in the first post HERE.

1) Difference between fat (compulsive eating) and fat (evidence of good living)

2) What if I get fat?


We will start with the second point.


There is nothing wrong with adding weight when you are following your body’s needs.

Society has conditioned people into hating any ounce of fat seen on not only their own body but OTHER PEOPLE’S too.

Imagine the lack of spirit-direction when you are so consumed with what someone else does with their body that you hate them/fear them/are annoyed by them just existing.


The thought of adding weight is a nightmare to some people. You are not the same size you were, from when you were a child to now. As you continue to live and your body’s cycle changes, your body can add weight sometimes, maintain the weight sometimes or lose weight other times. It is all dependent on its food needs at the time. This is all that should be important.

As mentioned in the first article, your body’s aim is not to gorge on food. It never binges. Bingeing happens as a result of emotional/mental stress or lack of self control or deprivation.




There is a difference between getting fat because of compulsive eating and adding weight because one is eating healthily (what *your* body needs).

Because your body’s needs change from time to time, there shouldn’t be fear of adding weight non-stop till you explode. When you are truly listening to your body, you will not gain unnecessary amount of weight. You will not become “fat” or obese.

If anything, you will lose any unnecessary weight you piled up (assuming you did) when you were eating what your body didn’t need. Your body will only request what it will use up, so any extra weight will fall off.

On the other hand, you will only be “stick-thin” if it’s your natural body weight even after eating ‘healthy’, not because you are starving yourself.


Yes, there is an unnecessary amount of weight when people eat compulsively. This is a different issue. The key here is to fix the root of the problem (i.e: Why they are using food as a crutch) and the stress eating will stop.

It is the same as this article: Depression: A Symptom, Not A Condition.


Different people have different body types and therefore, different body needs. Some will add weight more than others and some will even add weight quicker than others. There shouldn’t be a standard body shape/weight.

Your body/Spirit/Soul will only follow your body type, not society’s standards. So, if you become “fat” by society’s standards and you are following your Spirit, you will only need a shift from mental to spiritual/inner Being to realise it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to stop following your body’s natural rhythm.


The difference between gaining weight when you are following your Spirit and gaining the same weight because you eat whatever you want without it being your Spirit’s call is that the latter affects your energy negatively. You may find that the weight drags you down, you feel heavier and you may feel less energetic than you normally did without the weight. The former does not affect your energy or only does so positively. You will still feel as energetic – or more – as you did before you added weight and perhaps, much lighter.

The intensity of the energy of each individual is not the point here and not to be compared. Some people have a naturally higher energy than others, and vice versa. The point is that you will not suddenly feel a lower energy than what you were before. Instead, you will feel the same or better.


Your body works with you, not against you but you will need to keep your mind at home – so to speak, if you want to follow it and live in true perfect health. Your Mind will have to learn to adjust to what is truly healthy for *you* and what isn’t and will learn that this changes from time to time.

It will also learn that the true definition of ‘healthy‘ is ‘what is best for you, as guided by your nature/soul/body/Spirit‘.