***Spirit can also be called Intuition, Natural Inner Guide, Authentic Instinct, Holy Spirit, Inner Being, Spirit Guide, Natural Prompting, Authentic flow, Divine Presence, Divine Truth, Spirit of Truth, etc. They are all the same to me***


Fear and Doubt are products of the Mind. What the mind generates does not affect your progress on your Path, unless you let it.


1) Spirit prompts you to do something. Your mind is afraid it won’t turn out well (because of years of conditioning or other reasons. This is understandable). You can’t stop questioning if Spirit is what has prompted you or if you are just making things up.

In your soul, you know the answer. You find peace within but your mind is going all kinds of crazy, sounding all kinds of alarm and panic bells. It is doubtful. It is afraid.

Still, you do it anyway because you trust Spirit and it eventually turns out fine. Your trust is strengthened by that but this doesn’t stop your mind from repeating the same cycle of fear and doubt the next time Spirit prompts you to do something else.

The good news is that this fear and doubt don’t stop you from progressing on your Path as long as you keep trusting Spirit and following its promptings.


2) You are in the same situation, feeling fearful and doubtful. You do not follow through with the promptings because of these feelings. You have then delayed your progress on your Path.

Spirit did not delay or halt your progress because you had fear or doubt, you simply halted/delayed your own progress by choosing to follow them, instead of Spirit.


Trust is courage in the midst of fear and doubt. Trust is faith. Trust is not necessarily the absence of fear and doubt. You can trust completely, without fear or doubt AND you can also trust while still being afraid and doubtful.

Trust is the action or inaction, despite the feeling.

Trust is all you need to follow Spirit. It doesn’t get angry or let go of you because you are afraid and doubtful. It guides you around those. It only asks that you follow in spite of your fear and doubt. That is the only way you can progress: by following.

Standing still or going backwards (because of fear, doubt, etc) when it’s time to move forward will only keep you in the same spot until you move.

The more you follow regardless of how your mind feels, the more you find that Spirit doesn’t lead you astray and the more trusting you become because of this. Ultimately, the stronger/deeper/closer your relationship gets with Spirit and following its promptings becomes easier.



You do not have to wrestle with doubt or fear or any negative ‘mental emotion’. They are reactions from the mind. They will disappear in time as long as you focus on Spirit. 

You only have to learn the difference between those feelings and the ‘No’ that comes from Spirit. This is what affects people. When they feel confusion or hesitation from the mind, they mistake it for Spirit’s warning bell.


With Spirit, you either have peace/calm (because you are on your Path) or you don’t (because you are not on it). There is no confusion, fear, doubt, etc coming from it. When you learn the difference between lack of peace in your soul/heart and mental disagreement, it will become easier.