Some people believe there is a gift to look forward to, after awakening. They believe awakening is meant as a suffering passageway to eventual reward.

This is not so. Awakening is the reward. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you have had your first awakening experience (whatever it may be), it just continues – one revelation after the other.

Awakening is revelation, epiphany, insight from the inner and true perspective. There is no other reward outside of the revelations of your true nature.

Why some people feel there must be a reward for the process of awakening, brings us to the second point of this article:


Awakening is not suffering, in itself. How can the revelation of your true nature be suffering?

Instead, the process of awakening can bring about suffering for people. The suffering people go through during this process is the difficulty for the mind to deal with the influx of this new and opposing information from what it has always known and believed AND the difficulty in letting go of some or most of these beliefs and attachment to them.


Think about someone telling you that your name isn’t really your name, your mother/father/child, etc isn’t real, your family isn’t your true family. Instead, tells you that you are actually called something else (insert name), shows you your real mother/father/child, etc and who your true family is.

This will be a lot to handle and will need time to process, even if you are happy to have found your real family, name, etc. The fact that life has been false, up to that point of knowing the truth, will be devastating for many.


Take away this challenge the mind faces (and rightly so) in comprehending and dealing with this new system, awakening is a breeze. Finally experiencing and knowing your true nature can only be blissful. However, one cannot take away this challenge of the mind for many people.

This is not the same as saying ‘awakening is about blissful experiences’. It’s simply a revelation of truth; If you find it blissful, great. If you don’t, still great. It is neutral.


The people who feel the bliss of awakening the most are those who didn’t have a lot of false beliefs thrust on them as they were growing up. Some people’s ‘false belief-plates’ and ‘traumatic experience-plates’ are not as full as others’. The less full your plate is, the easier awakening is for you.


However, the more you let go and accept this new and real you, the more blissful/calm/peaceful you become. That is your true nature, after all.


There is no glory, praise or badge of honour – from Spirit – in suffering or seeing awakening as suffering.

It will be very helpful to see it for what it is: a gift.

What you (mind) have to go through to fully embrace that gift is not really part of the gift. It is only a reaction to the gift – one which changes for the better as you continue to accept the gifts (more revelations) within THE gift and let go of the false, empty boxes of your previous life.