So many people – medical health professionals included – treat depression as a root condition, an illness. People go about life believing they “have depression” like it is an incurable disease that sprung out of nowhere and can only be treated by prescription drugs, forever.

Depression is ALWAYS a symptom of what is going on in a person’s life – whether externally or internally. Depression can only be cured if that root cause is fixed.

For example:

A person is undergoing serious financial difficulties, the threat of homelessness, etc. They “fall into depression” – a.k.a their emotion regarding their situation: the sheer hopelessness, despondency, worry, stress, etc turns into depression (the combination of all these thoughts and emotions).

This person goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with depression (Of course they are depressed. Anyone without hope would react similarly to that situation). This diagnosis needs no blood sample taken or anything else (besides for ruling out any illness) other than learning how the person FEELS: dejected, numb, empty, hopeless, doesn’t want to continue living or sees no point in it, etc.

This person then begins receiving treatment for depression when this is only a reaction to their situation. If they are going to be homeless, they will still be homeless. Taking prescription drugs will not make that situation better anymore than taking ‘illegal drugs’ to numb the reaction to a negative situation makes the situation better.

This is also similar to using food as a numbing/coping mechanism or an emotional comfort: It makes you feel better for a while but doesn’t change whatever situation you are reacting to or trying not to react to.


The treatment this person needs to get out of that mental and emotional state would be to practically fix what is causing this depression, not lectured on how to fix it. If they knew how to fix it and could do it, they wouldn’t be depressed – stressed, yes but not despondent. This practical solution would be in the form of financial assistance, possibly a nice job in a happy environment and a home or money to pay rent for a while in order to not worry about homelessness.

However, medical health professionals are not in a position to take this course of ‘treatment’, so they treat what they can. It is no different from using alcohol as a way to forget your troubles and “be happy” but your situation doesn’t go away. Therefore, you will need to constantly numb yourself with alcohol to not be affected by reality so much. That is the same thing anti-depressants do. It only numbs your reaction to your situation but doesn’t change it, which means dependence on this numbing as long as your situation persists.


It is easier for people to take this course of action because they can’t find a way to solve their external and/or internal situation. Numbing themselves is often the only option they have been given. The real treatment, no one can help with. Practical life solutions are not easy to come by. Most people can only just talk and this is not their fault. It is the way society has been conditioned to work.


This is the same for someone whose depression is as a result of inner turmoil. They may have everything working fine externally but within them, there is no peace or hope of peace, freedom and fulfilment. Perhaps, they have chased happiness all over the world – and some have found it over and over again – and still cannot fill the emptiness within.

Some of these people also get treated for depression but the feeling of desolation persists. Again, the real treatment is to fix the root of the problem: what is causing the turmoil, and the symptom will go away. When people are going through such situations, it’s more likely than not something only finding and following their Spirit can fix.

However, most medical health professionals are not equipped to go deep into ‘inner turmoil land’. Most of them also have their own inner turmoil, if they are not following their path, and do not know that there is an alternative to where they are and what they are doing. An alternative that will set them free.


Spiritual awakening can also affect some people’s mental state to the point of going into depression – sometimes, on and off. In this case, they may be on their path but the intensity of what is happening within them is not always easy, at least initially, for the mind to handle.


DEPRESSION is the symptom of a root cause; a reaction to a situation or condition or circumstance.

It should not be treated as a stand-alone ailment because it is not. It should not be treated as a condition in and of itself. If someone is depressed, there is a reason for it. That reason is what should be known and handled, if the true intention is to help the person. Otherwise, the ‘treatment’ is useless and only causing addiction to/dependence on numbing methods.


Some people are more prone to depression than others. These people are often highly sensitive, therefore they feel every negative thing in their lives a lot deeper than others. Meaning, any negative thing can send them into that mental and emotional state, especially if they have gone through a lot of negative things in their lives before.

On another hand, they also react more strongly to positive things than most.

They simply do not need a name for their reaction to situations, it is just a reaction. Giving it a name (bi-polar, depression, etc) and treating it as an illness in itself isn’t a true course of action.


Here it is then.

So, are you depressed? I am sorry to hear that. You have gone into the eerily cold well of mental and emotional abyss but there is a cure.

What are you depressed about? Who do you think can help you with *that* thing, not with depression? That’s who you should go to.

If you cannot find anyone, I recommend your Spirit. That may be your only way out. Most likely is. Unless you would rather place a ‘medical plaster’ over it for as long as you can, then go ahead and do so. It is your informed choice.


***Spirit can also be called Intuition, Natural Inner Guide, Authentic Instinct, Holy Spirit, Inner Being, Spirit Guide, Natural Prompting, Authentic flow, etc. They are all the same to me***