Welcome, dear One.

You may have experienced – possibly still ongoing – some ‘phenomena’ in your life at the moment, which is making you question what happened to you or what is happening to you.

In this post/article, we are going to be focusing on those of you who have gone through at least the first episode of what many refer to as ‘awakening’ or ‘spiritual awakening‘.

There are many episodes to go through and this will depend on each person’s life so far. There is no one-size-fits-all, so in this journey that you have begun, it is important to know this and refrain from comparing your process to others. However, there are some general similarities you may share with others and this is what this article (and possibly, some other posts/articles here) will address while leaving room for you to follow your specific path.




a) Are you realising that you are seeing the world differently, for the first time in your life?…

b) Or are you realising that you are recognising what you see as something you have always known, felt but couldn’t really explain how or why?…

c) Or both?



a) Have you had any physical incident, after which you realised the above?…

b) Or has it come gradually, with no significant incident, and you just suddenly seem aware of this change within you?…

c) Or both?



a) Are you being drawn to blogs, videos, websites, shows, on this new outlook on life that you suddenly possess? Do you find yourself conducting endless searches for answers on what you now seem to know and for people who can relate to this – using and finding words and concepts that were never in your radar or you never thought you needed?…

b) Or are you feeling drawn to withdraw from the online world?…

c) Or both?



a) Are you suddenly moved to intense sympathy and empathy beyond what you ever felt for the state of the world in general and/or for some particular cause?….

b) Or are you feeling moved to withdraw from the causes you were associated with, feeling a sudden/gradual apathy towards them?…

c) Or both?



a) Are you experiencing these things mentioned but you cannot figure out why or how you got here, yet you know this is no ordinary experience and is from a deeper place within yourself?…

b) Or do you know why this is happening – perhaps you attribute it to a medical/health/psychological or existential issue but you still don’t know what to do about it?…

c) Or both?



a) Are you often overwhelmed with grief and sadness in the absence of any current personal incident that could be the cause – like someone who has lost something or someone?…

b) Or are you often in a daze, just completely numb by how you suddenly see the world – also like someone who has lost something or someone?….

c) Or both?


7. Do you feel like you are alone in the world , even in the midst of people you know and no one understands you? Do you feel a sudden or gradual energetic disconnection with people you have known for so long. You just are not where they are anymore and they cannot relate to you anymore?




If you answered ‘Yes’ to all the questions – regardless of the category in which your answer fell (either a, b or c) – you have begun this ‘spiritual awakening’ process.

There is a whole lot more one could be going through in this process. These are simply a few of them.


Before we proceed, if you answered ‘Yes’ to question 5(b) and (c), it is best for you to put your mind at ease by talking to a medical/health worker (GP, Doctor, Mental Health Advisor, Counselor, etc) so you can exhaust all medical/health-related solutions and hopefully rule out any physical illness, before you come back to this.

If any physical illness is detected, you can also put your mind at ease by following the GP/Counselor-recommended medical procedures for a solution.

It is only then that you can have a clearer (peace of) mind to entertain other aspects of this process.


Let’s carry on with those who are in the other categories and those who were in the 5(b) and (c) categories but have exhausted the medical possibilities and still find they are experiencing these things.



As mentioned before, this is an individual path and specific processes will differ from one person to the other. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what you are experiencing (Feel free to write to me and I can better understand what you need and how best to be of help. CONTACT ME) but if you are within the (general) vicinity of the questions above, this is the meaning of what you are experiencing:

Let’s start from the beginning.

Your Mind (It can go by different names. Feel free to call it what you will) is the collector of all human experiences (beliefs, knowledge, culture, traditions, etc) and filters these experiences through thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your Soul (It can go by different names. Feel free to call it what you will) is your divine/eternal self, the life force within you. It manifests itself through feelings and actions, which your Mind can and often does process through thoughts.

The distinction between the two is that when you first come into this world, you are primarily operating from the Soul’s point of view. Then, as you are being raised in the physical world with physical world-issues, your Mind starts to develop, capturing and storing all you have directly and subliminally learned at each stage of your physical growth.

The more it stores and the more you require information from it (which happens as a result of growing in the physical world and living by societal/parental conditioning), the more it becomes your primary operating system.

Consequently, when you use your Mind as your main (or only) operating system, you lose connection with the other operating system (Soul). It has to be one or the other, otherwise there will be a constant ‘battle’ within you in the form of psychological overload, confusion, discord and resistance, if you are trying to juggle both operating systems.


This cycle can repeat itself for many lifetimes until spiritual awakening happens.


When ‘spiritual awakening’ happens, your Soul takes over once more. A new reign has begun – albeit the former and original O.S (operating system). You suddenly find yourself remembering who you were before the conditioning – who you really are and what you always knew. You start seeing what the world is really like from the soul point of view, you start questioning physical world-systems and conditioning one by one. You start rejecting many of these conditioning which do not ring true from your soul.

At this point, things start making less sense from a mental (Mind) point of view while making more sense from a spiritual (soul-ful, eternal, divine, etc) point of view. You intuitively receive a lot of download of information about many things from the physical world to the spiritual world, resulting in a significant shift in the direction of your life.


This change of operation can be traumatic to process with the mind as it already has so many opposing information stored and it feels like everything it knows and has held onto is being threatened or stripped off.

The less opposing information (personal and general beliefs, traditions, etc) your Mind has stored before awakening, the easier it is for you to process new information or that which confirms what you already intuitively knew but couldn’t figure out.

Trying to process the new information coming to you requires making space for them, which requires deleting old information in the Mind and replacing them with the new ones. The ease or difficulty with which a person deletes the old information depends on the individual and the topic at hand. For some, it is more difficult to let go of what they always knew, than for others. Also for many people, some topics/issues are easier, than others, to let go.


This letting-go will take some time, afterall you didn’t accumulate everything in your mind overnight. The duration in which this whole process takes place is dependent on how many ‘issues’ one has to let go of and how easy or difficult it is for the individual to work through what is needed, let go of each step and accept the next. Therefore, the length of time spent during the awakening process bears no significance to anyone’s importance or lack of. Some may spend one year, 5 years, 20 years, etc.


It is important that you are patient with yourself. Your Soul/Guiding Energy is extremely patient with you (The Mind, the human/physical world part of you). It will always be non-forceful, bearing no sense of urgency as you make your way through the maze of conditioning and consequent personality you have acquired from your many lifetimes.




Freedom. Also peace and fulfilment.

This post will expand on it. DESTINATION: FREEDOM


This is the basic information regarding what you are going through now.

You are NOT crazy.

You are NOT weird – in the way people use the word. However, you are weird, in that you are uniquely you. It is a difference in outlook that causes one to call the other “weird”. Own the word or not, it is entirely up to you but it will help you to not see it as a negative thing but see the person making the ‘accusation’ as one who lacks understanding in that area. Since you are the one with understanding, educate them or walk away.

You are NOT alone. Many people have gone through this process, many are still going through it and many will come after you.

You ARE finally becoming free.

You ARE finally making your journey home to where you truly belong.

You ARE finally on your way to peace of mind, fulfillment and genuine and permanent satisfaction.

You ARE finally on your way to receiving the answers to everything you need.

You ARE worth it.


Having said that you are not alone, it is important to know that this is not a popular process, from the physical world, conventional point of view so you will find those who know about it few and far between. In order to not feel discouraged or labelled crazy, avoid speaking about it to people who have not gone through it or those who are not open-minded and cannot understand or be supportive.

You will easily find a good number of people online who know about what you are going through but as you should in everything, do not fall hook, line and sinker for every advice given to you. Even on this ‘spiritual journey’, many still have a long way to go. Not every help will benefit you, which brings me to the point made earlier, do not compare your process with others. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all.

You are free – and even encouraged – to treat this site in the same way you would others: take what resonates and discard the rest. What is written here may not all be for you and that is okay. You are on your personal journey, your Soul and Guiding Energy/Spirit will lead you to as many places, things and people as you need. This is the only thing you CAN trust.

I sincerely hope this site will help you and if you need to contact me for a specific reason, you are welcome to do so. I only point people to their Soul and Spirit/Guiding Energy in the way that will be practically helpful to them. This is what to expect. CONTACT


Always, Ashair.