…. And the Spirits went into all parts of the earth, calling, drawing, prompting each one to follow them out of the maze they are in.

Their destination? FREEDOM.


Spiritual awakening is a journey to true and complete freedom. It is a process through which, upon completion of each stage of one’s personal path, one realises that they have been freed in that area. It is like having every body part chained up and spiritual awakening means releasing each body part, one after the other, from the chains and feeling the relief this brings to each body part that has been freed.


Once you get on this path, will you be freed from all things holding you back? Yes.

Will this freedom happen overnight? No. The duration of this process is entirely up these 2 factors:

  • How many ‘issues’ and non-issues you have holding you back/down,
  • How long it takes you to work through them, accept and move past.

Sometimes, you may not realise the issue or non-issue you are being prompted to process until it is done or you are in the middle of it. However, once each issue or non-issue is settled, you will know. If you are confused about it, then there is still a little bit or a lot left to do there.

This journey of freedom can take more than 1 lifetime.



Spirit is with you all the way through this process. Spirit is like the guardian of the soul. It is that which wakes it up.

Then it feeds you information while you are still groggy from sleep and with each information, you realise the truth of it. You recognise it. You awaken more. This is when revelations come like waves. There is so much to know, to realise, to remember.

When you become as fully alert as possible, you don’t need much information being fed to you because you just know it, intuitively. You have embodied or begun to embody that which you are; the truth. There is still things to know but not nearly as much as the initial stage.

Spirit then walks silently with you while you make your journey home, unless you need it in some way, then it speaks to you. Like a shepherd guides the sheep with the staff, it only directs the sheep when it is going the wrong way. Otherwise, it just walks alongside them.



All (man-made) beliefs








Relationships (Friends, family, etc)


Finances, etc.


While being freed in all these ways and more, you will be left with or receive that which you had from the beginning or that which represents the grace and abundance of the simple and pure beginning. This can mean anything for different people. It is not a one-size-fits-all. Once you get there, you will know. It cannot be mistaken.


This way of life is simple once you get the hang of it but it isn’t always easy to live because as humans, one has the Mind to contend and work with.