***Spirit can also be called Intuition, Natural Inner Guide, Authentic Instinct, Holy Spirit, Inner Being, Spirit Guide, Natural Prompting, Authentic flow, etc. They are all the same to me***


Following your Spirit is a simple process of living life, and living it successfully. However, for people who have not gotten used to this way of life, it can take some time to learn how to trust and follow what you receive.

This post clarifies the types of answers you will get when asking for direction from your Spirit.

Bear in mind, you don’t really need to ask for direction from your Spirit. Spirit directs you automatically but when you have lost the connection to it, it can take getting used to, to figure out which is Spirit and which is Mind, therefore you find that you often feel the need (mentally) to ask for direction in making decisions. This is okay. It is where you are. Spirit always helps you at your point of being and leads you further on your Path into more advanced points of being, till it becomes second-nature to know what to do and when to do it without the need to ask.

The tip here is that if you have to ask, Spirit is either not prompting you or you are not hearing it. For the purpose of this post, let’s assume you are not hearing it.


Here are the answers you could receive:

YES, Do it, Go, You should, etc – As mentioned above, if you have to ask, the answer may be the second one after this. This is because if it is something you should do, Spirit doesn’t wait for you to ask. It prompts you. This is where you get the urge to do something. However, if Spirit is prompting and you are not hearing or used to this prompting, you may still spend time asking if you should or shouldn’t. When this happens, it is a resounding ‘Yes’ or any of its equivalent.


Yes, You can, Sure, If you like, It doesn’t matter if you do or not, etc – This is the second type of ‘Yes’ you can receive. This is when it is up to you to choose if you want to or not. In this case, whether you do or not, it won’t affect your Path. This is when Spirit is not prompting you to do whatever it is but gives you an approval if you want to do so.

Bear in mind that when you get an approval like this from Spirit, things may not work out the way you hope. It is not Spirit’s job in this case to make things work out. It is for you to learn what you need, whether it works out or not. It is up to you, mentally, to choose and no decision here is wrong.


No, Not Yet – This ‘No’ isn’t a full one but the fact that you get a ‘No’ should be every reason to listen – full or not. This ‘No’ simply means to wait, to not act at the moment. Spirit doesn’t always – or usually – give reasons for answers. Things always unfold at some point for you to see the reason for yourself. In this case, when Spirit says to wait, it means doing so before its time will affect your Path.


No, Don’t do it, etc – This ‘No’ is the opposite of the first ‘Yes’. Often, you can already get a sense of disagreement, hesitation, or other warning signals within you to not carry on with whatever it is and when you ask to be sure, you get a resounding No, to confirm this feeling.

In this case, ignoring this direction will at best, put you on a different path that you will have to eventually come out of in order to go back on your Path – most times, after an unnecessary, challenging situation – and at worst, be catastrophic on your path.

Your Spirit’s purpose is to take you through your path successfully, so anything that will affect this journey negatively will not be welcome. Subsequently, anything that will not affect it negatively is permissible and anything that contributes positively to it is necessary. Spirit knows which is which and this is why you need to listen and follow, unless you enjoy going through life with a lot of trials and error, backfiring and starting over.