As has been stated in previous articles on this site, there are many ways one can define what many refer to as ‘spiritual awakening‘.

One of which is the tearing of the veil between spiritual things and physical things.

It is important to know that the definition does not really matter. What matters is the functionality.


In spiritual awakening, the veil is suddenly torn – albeit gradually – between the physical and the spiritual consciousness/awareness. The physical consciousness is now connected to the spiritual and begins to see into the spiritual, this is where all the information and experiences come from.

What the physical world really looks like, from a bird’s eye view – so to speak, becomes available to the one who has now been awakened. It becomes a revelation of true meanings behind the physical consciousness. Once these meanings are being revealed, one can follow one’s soul path and function in the physical world from a well-informed and wise place of being.


As is commonly known, different people react to/handle this new consciousness differently. When one has been used to a particular way of life, it is a difficult task to suddenly learn to acclimatize to a different one due to an ever-growing awareness of a whole new world.

When that one has to shed the old way of life – albeit gradually – due to the sudden weight of the new life taking over, it can be a challenging process.


This is not what you can do with the mind. It is ‘soul work’.


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