Following from this post: Spiritual awakening is a journey home


For some who are on their journey home, re: spiritual awakening, it doesn’t mean the end of living. Everyone has their Path to walk and parts to play, so for some – if not everyone, this process of going home means the beginning of active “soul work“.

In awakening, one can say your soul is finally freed from dormancy; like a sleeping giant, it arises and leaves a blazing trail of flavour in its wake, as it makes its last journey through this physical life. This dormancy is due to a disconnect between your physical consciousness and your soul, as you live life in the physical world and learn to rely on external forces to guide you.


The soul is a powerful force and its Path and actions don’t come with a desire or even a plan, it’s a ‘do’ and a ‘be’. It just does and it just ‘be-s’.

Just as the wind doesn’t have a “desire” to blow and make a plan with its route all mapped out, the soul just does what it is, without pre- or after-thought. One can see this with wild animals that have not been domesticated into having human-like minds. They do what they are. Nature. That is the soul. The mind is what attributes positive and negative meanings to ‘being’ and ‘doing’ because this is how it functions. Therefore, it is doing its job.


The soul work is simply what it is: your soul being you and at the forefront of every (significant) thing you do, while your mind takes a back seat. The soul leads and the mind follows.

How this looks for each individual is dependent on their path.