Spiritual awakening can be described as an inner and outer transformational process of knowing, recognising and accepting who you truly are, while learning to let go of who you thought you were.

Who you thought you were cannot abide in the same place as who you really are, which is why one has to fall away. Since who you truly are is a much stronger force, it pulls you much more but where you have problems is when you are resisting the pull, in a bid to hold on to the other familiar side. You cannot stop the pull. You can either try to fight it unsuccessfully or give into it.


Spiritual awakening is also the process of unveiling the bigger picture and finding the missing parts of the puzzle; the process of seeing life and the world for what it truly is – through a clear lens;

Your reaction to all this is not spiritual awakening. It is simply your reaction to the process of awakening, at each time.


Spiritual awakening can also be summed up as a journey home, which is what will be addressed here.

Have you ever travelled by air? Or perhaps, witnessed people who have?

Did you notice that there is a time to check in luggage and after check-in, when it is time to board, there is a boarding gate to go through and an area to wait to board your flight?

Then there is often a little hallway/tunnel to go through to get into the plane, after which the door is finally shut for take-off. Does that ring a bell?


 Spiritual awakening can be said to be like this journey. Anyone who has been awakened at first has received “the call“. Some just got to the airport, some are still checking in – where it is easier to have problems with luggage, etc or change your mind (So many things are coming up in your awakening, so much to work through. So many truths coming up. Going back is often considered, as it is a very difficult and new-ish phase to be in).

Some have just gone through the boarding gate – after which, going back isn’t impossible but harder. Some are in the boarding waiting area/room, some are walking through the tunnel to get on a plane. Some are already on an airplane and some have already taken off.

Everyone is on different levels of this journey.


Making sense of it…

The remembering, the rebelling against society, the feeling of restriction in one’s body, the need to be free of it, the longing to go “home”, the questioning of everything that one otherwise wouldn’t have (in a different lifetime) – regardless of the physical catalyst for the curiosity, the not-fitting-in, the seeing things differently, the feeling weird and being perceived as abnormal from the rest of society, the heightened physical and/or spiritual senses, the supernormal abilities, the feeling like there is nothing left here – not out of sorrow but out of “been there, done that”, the ever-present hunger for something more, something deeper, etc – all are levels in this journey home. Some will take off in this lifetime while others have one or more lifetimes to complete the home trip.

Not everyone will feel the same way or experience the same thing. It doesn’t matter.


The easier it is for you to embrace what you see before you – though hard at the same time – the deeper you are in the journey home.

The easier it is to let go and the more you let go of what you see behind you/what you had – though hard at the same time – the further you go in this journey home.

There is no rush. There are no short cuts. It is either forward or backwards. It is your choice but once you have received “the call“, you cannot “unreceive” it. The journey can take as long as you allow it.


Also, you cannot drag anyone to catch up with you. They are making their way too and are where they are. You cannot force anyone to come with you. They may not have received their call yet and do not know what you are talking about. Some have received their call and still may not know fully what you are talking about. You are on your own – sort of – making your way home. You may see/know other people making similar journey – in real life or online.




It is left for you to find out – although the ‘you’ (Mind) that would have found out will not be there with you, so if it is a where or a what, it doesn’t matter. You will not consciously experience it like you are consciously perceiving the existence of it right now.

You already know you – within – know what it is and want to be it/go there/see it. You already know from your own experiences that it is too powerful, magical, intense, exhilarating, captivating, overwhelming, etc for your Mind and your Body. You know it is where your Soul belongs/what your Soul is (part of) and where/what it has been longing for and walking towards. This is the *you* that you are beginning to remember and embrace.

It is where you will end up if you keep following your Spirit.

You have lived enough, seen enough…. it’s time to make your way home.


Those who have gone deeper in this journey will see this as great news because they are probably weary of the waiting….of the physical world – even if there are still some reservations based on attachments. Nothing is wrong or right here. It is your trip. Take your time. Even though you can smell the plane or get a glimpse of it from where you are, it may still be far away. You have felt this since the beginning, it is only just making sense as you received the call and started walking towards it.


To take off, there will no longer be anything you are holding onto in this world. Therefore, the natural passing away of desires you thought were important to you will occur, as issues continue to come and go and attachments slowly but surely melt away.