There are many ways to describe what many refer to as Spiritual Awakening.

In spiritual awakening, the soul is plugged-in and woken up. The actual physical-world catalyst for this plug-in, in each person bears no significance to this process.

The soul wakes up and starts making its way home to where it knows it belongs. Your Mind begins to get glimpses or full images of what your soul knows and who it is – which is the real you. You may also call this process, “Soul Awakening”. Same thing.


One of the common issues people face in the earlier stages of spiritual awakening is that of cognitive dissonance.

“Am I who I always thought I was or am I this person I am beginning to see and recognise – or not recognise – or am I both?”

“Is the world what I always thought it was or is it what I am beginning to see or both?”

This is a very serious existential crisis for the mind, one which leads different people to react in different ways.


 One thing is for sure, the soul is simply making its journey. It’s not in crisis. It knows where it is going.

Your Mind is what needs the Spirit to help it and guide it to follow the soul and feel more comfortable with this new development, otherwise there will be suffering within – only mentally because the soul’s pull is stronger and will never stop but the mind will keep trying to fight the pull, unsuccessfully. Therefore, fighting itself until it learns to understand and yield. Still, it never fully yields in every area, which is why there can be an awakened person who has gone deep into the journey but still has some internal (mental) suffering in one area of life or the other.

This is not wrong or right. It is a journey. It is a process. Letting go of many lifetimes of conditioning takes a while and the duration depends on the individual’s level of ability to accept what must be accepted and let go of what must be released.


When the soul is awake, it cannot go back to sleep. For some, the mind may still be ruling the body – leading it to continue with life as is but the soul’s pull has brought about an internal war and there can never be peace within that individual again until they go the way of the soul.


It is important to know that no human being can wake the soul up. It is not something you can do with your mind or sheer willpower. It is nature. Just like growing up, all the developments happen when they happen and can vary from one person to the other.

If you already know about spiritual awakening and are trying to wake yourself up, it can be either of two things:

1) You have already woken up. Yours may have been gradual and you think you only need intense incidents, light shows, bells and whistles to show that you have been awakened. You are looking for (more) spiritual experiences that others have said they had. The thing is you may or may not have the same or even a significant experience but you can always tell when things started changing for you. You may be able to pinpoint the day/time or just the period things shifted for you. There is no mistaking it, if it happened naturally. What you have is what is on your path. Being awake is the point. The experiences or lack of it, don’t matter.

2) You have not woken up yet but have become naturally more aware, spiritually. Your soul has not been plugged in yet but you are in the vicinity of welcoming this event. You have found out and become interested in spiritual awakening, not by accident. It is around the corner but you are in a hurry to make it happen – just like someone who is in a hurry to grow up and does everything they can to force this. You cannot hurry nature. Everything has its time.


If you are trying to wake others up, it can be either of two things:

1) You are awake but still in the earlier stages of it. You believe it is something others can do by themselves. You are seeing the world differently and want others to see it too. You don’t realise you didn’t make this happen on your own. Something may have brought it on, as a physical-world cause, but its root is spiritual. Without the spiritual root, it wouldn’t have happened physically.

2) Perhaps, you or someone you know jump-started your spiritual awareness by using chemical substances, plants or different “steps to awaken your soul” programs and you have become more spiritually aware but your soul has not woken up yet. You are not yet spiritually awake. In this case, your mind is not as clear and rigid as it used to be, therefore is more receptive to the spiritual than the average person who is closer to the physical. People who go this route find out that they have to keep taking these substances or following these practices in order to maintain their awareness, which they mistake for being awake.

Like someone who has gone through cosmetic surgery to enhance their body before their body has had time to fully develop because they wish to grow up quicker, they possess the aesthetics of a grown up but they are not truly grown up from within. In the same way, what you have done or may be thinking of telling others to do is spiritual cosmetic surgery before development is complete.

A spiritually awake person is also spiritually aware (and continues to increase in awareness with each revelation) and does not need to do anything to remain in that state. It is involuntary. It is permanent. They just have to keep choosing to accept it or fight it.


Not all who are spiritual and/or have spiritual practices or careers are spiritually awake.

This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. People are where they are and will get to where they need, in their time. Being spiritually awake is no more or less special than being a grown up. Everyone will grow up someday.