Everyone has a Life Path but not everyone is on their Path. The thing is that you cannot tell if someone is on their Path or not, unless it is revealed to you for a reason.

Therefore, regardless of what someone does or doesn’t do – and how it affects you, there are only 2 things you can do. Assuming you know where they are on their Path:

1) If they are on their Path, then they are doing what they should be doing. If it doesn’t rub you the right way, it simply isn’t for you to observe or there is a lesson there for you to learn. You can either walk/look away. It is not your place to change a course.

2) If they are not on their Path, you can either let them know they are not on their Path and help them connect to it or walk away, if you aren’t successful or if it isn’t necessary/useful to do so.

This, you will know by your own connection to your Spirit.


Insulting and condemning people because of what they do/don’t do is, at best, pointless – except to expend some energy on your part.

It will be helpful to you to (learn to) accept that everyone is on different levels in life and it isn’t your place – by and large – to do anything about it, unless you have been prompted by your Spirit. The lesson is for them to learn.


SUMMARY: Life is complicated. You may never know why some people do different things. The simplest answer is that they may be on their Path – or off it – which is completely different from where you are.



Staying connected to your own Spirit/Path will help you handle these situations a lot better than if you allow yourself to disconnect by reacting prematurely to what you see/hear.

In every situation, ask what *you* need to do. You will be directed based on *your* Path.


NOTE: Accepting that people are where they are doesn’t mean you have to be around them, like them or have a relationship with them. You can accept someone and still keep your distance because you both are on different Paths/energetic levels.


***Spirit can also be called Intuition, Natural Inner Guide, Authentic Instinct, Holy Spirit, Inner Being, Spirit Guide, Natural Prompting, Authentic flow, etc. They are all the same to me***