When you look at where you are and compare it to where you are yet to be/where you want to be, it will be difficult – if not impossible – to appreciate where you are.

The key to accepting and being happy where you are is to compare it to where you were before.

This is assuming you (have learned/are learning to) follow the promptings of your Inner Personal Guide, without deviation.

Then you will see it is better than the last “train stop” (situation) and can only get better.

This is not to say that you must jump for joy because of where you are, in order to show acceptance. If it really is rubbish, then it is rubbish but the point is that it will be/is more favourable than where you were before. Therefore, be relieved on that note.


If you spend your time daydreaming about or visualising where you want to be, you run the risk of coming back to reality to find that you are not there yet. Consequently, this gives you a sense of failure.

If you can daydream and visualise as a fun activity because it feels good to do so, then go ahead as long as you can maintain the light-heartedness of it. But if visualising causes you to pine after what you do not have yet and become miserable, then it is doing you no good. You would be better off comparing your now to your past and seeing the beauty in where you are.


This is why living in the present is encouraged. Do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow isn’t here yet.

Try to spend time appreciating what you do have now IN COMPARISON to what you didn’t before.


*** If you are in a situation where you are following your Spirit and you have lost many things you did have and things are just falling apart, you may feel like you have less to appreciate now.

The encouragement here is to remember that whatever (and whomever) exits your life is not meant to be in it – and you are not meant to have it (and be in theirs). It does not serve you or anyone else, in the grand scheme of things.

Remember that whatever is removed only makes room for what truly needs to come in. So, try to appreciate or accept the “spring cleaning” in your life now compared to the “unnecessary clutter” you had before.***

Things will get better and will continue to stay on that lane, once there’s nothing left to remove from your life.


Remember that being happy or sad is a state of the mind and not an indication of the rightness or wrongness of your Path. You can be happy or sad, depending on where your mind is focused on, regardless of where you are.

This POST helps to address this.