You can make all the positive affirmations in the world and/or believe all the good things you want but if you do not FEEL it, it is not so.

On the other hand, you can FEEL something deep down but your mind doesn’t believe it or it questions the possibility of it, still it will be.

This is because when you FEEL something ‘deep down’, as they say, it is your inner awareness witnessing ‘what is‘, from the perspective of the Spirit. It has nothing to do with what you can or cannot make happen.

Another reason is that the act of trying to do something in order to receive something shows you that you do not have it or feel it. Spiritually, if it is there, you will not “try” to have it. You will just have it.


*****Let’s clarify the “feeling” we are referring to here. This is not the feeling generated from your mental state and physical situation.

This is also not about the affirmation you make to motivate yourself to do something.

We are referring to the FEELing generated from your inner state of being. This FEELing we are referring to is a kind of ‘KNOWing’. This ARTICLE can shed light on how to analyse feelings.*****




In some cases, when you FEEL (re: KNOW) something from a spiritual perspective, it may generate the feeling of excitement (or anxiety) without knowing why you feel that way. You just know something is making you feel happy or nervous. This is you connecting to some information subconsciously. Sometimes, this FEELing comes and goes without you ever knowing why. For some people, they receive further information from Spirit about it or something eventually happens and you realise it is connected to what you felt.



Affirmations (positive or negative) in itself mean nothing without the FEELing of it. In other words, you can neither affirm your way into FEELing ‘what isn’t‘ nor out of FEELing ‘what is‘. You may think you can/have but vibrations don’t lie. Energy cannot be manipulated. It either is or it isn’t.


*****What you see in your life is not what you believe but what you FEEL, which means that what you see in your life is what is in your Path/Energy Field. Let this be good news for those who believe thinking negatively will bring about negative things into their lives. It is not so. Thinking/Believing negatively or positively only stresses or helps your mind. It does not affect what happens in your life. The only thing that affects what happens in your life is if you are/not on your Path.

Let this, though, be an encouragement to still learn to steer your mind to positive thoughts and away from negative thinking, if just for the relief it brings to your mind – which, for most people, spills onto your life because of how much you allow your mind to control your life.*****




This FEELing of ‘what is‘ is not in your hands. It is in your Path and you will FEEL it when it is ready to be FELT. Many go through varying degrees of stress, trying to make themselves FEEL what they hope for but the suggestion here is to let it go. Let go of the ‘trying’.

The time will come when you will FEEL without effort. You will not try but you will just KNOW and you cannot shake it off. Ironically, a good way for some to know that you KNOW/FEEL ‘what is‘ is when your mind is countering what you FEEL – that way, you know for sure it isn’t coming from your belief or hopes and dreams but your Spirit. This isn’t the only way, of course but if you are still “suffering” from a negative-leaning mind, here is where it helps.

When you get to this point, you become IT – without trying. Sometimes, you may not believe that it is really happening and how easy it feels to be IT, without trying.

If you are not FEELing yet, it isn’t time for it to be FELT or you are not ready. If the latter, keep walking with your Spirit/Inner Personal Guide and it will continue to show you/teach you/work on you/help you work on what needs to be worked on in order to be ready for any particular thing – which you will FEEL/KNOW when you are. If the former, then be patient, it will come if it is meant to.


Trying to “manifest” a particular thing in your life is one thing but the KNOWing/FEELing that WHATEVER you need comes to you before or at the time it is needed, is where you want to be. This KNOWing is what you cannot “manifest”. It comes naturally when you get to different points in your Path, when Spirit has helped you clear/heal/purify/accept, etc each particular stage.


Sometimes, you FEEL/KNOW something that you are not ready for – you don’t even think you want it but you FEEL it is you or for you. It may takes months/years for it to be – only then will you realise you actually needed it and appreciate that you are/have it.


Here are 2 examples:

1) A girl who FELT like she is royalty/meant to be royalty in some way/something to do with royalty. She FELT this but it wasn’t clear what exactly it was about. She would see castles and FEEL something about it being home/connected to it. She had never consciously thought about royalty or wanted to be one. She had no connection to royalty. The thought felt ridiculous, in her mind but she knew she didn’t cause this thought to form, from anywhere. Royalty was the farthest from her mind, when the FEELing wasn’t there. She FELT this for 5 years on and off. For five years she was getting ready for it – unbeknownst to her.

She was following Spirit’s promptings and had learned by the 5th year to follow to the letter. The first and the 5th year were the only times she actually followed Spirit’s promptings fully, all though the year.

After the 5th year, her life changed. One thing had led to another and another and another…… and very long story short, she became part of a royal family. She could never have planned this in a million years. If not for the FEELing, in hindsight, she never saw it coming.



2) A girl goes through one of the hardest times of her life. She was swindled out of her savings by an old friend. She was suicidal, diagnosed with depression, lost everything she had, struggling to pay rent, struggling to stay afloat, had to take care of her child alone, blocked the connection she had with her Spirit because her mind had gotten louder and she opened the door wider to that connection, instead. Spirit was still speaking to her but she could only hear in the distance. She lost all trust and faith in Spirit. She didn’t realise that the “tearing down” happening in her life was because it was making way for a “building up”.

Somehow, she managed. Through the fog, she heard Spirit and decided she had no other choice but to keep following. She followed out of defeat, not trust.

For one year, she followed Spirit to the letter. Within that one year, things were changing but not much. She gained faith. Spirit told her to hold on no matter what. Within that one year, another “tearing down” happened and she almost lost faith again but she stayed on, while maintaining her mental state. What happened the previous year and what Spirit told her had taught her to hear the Spirit from the dust that was swirling around her – and hold on.

Within that one year, Spirit taught her what she needed. She followed Spirit to the letter, despite doubts in her mind but peace in her heart. About 9 months into that year, she started FEELing rich and free. This was not the same feeling she had for years, when she was doing all kinds of affirmations and rituals to think, feel and become rich. This was different….much different, deeper, certain. She FELT this without realising exactly how it came about and when but she KNEW and FELT she didn’t lack anything anymore and wouldn’t lack anything she needed.

Spirit had taught her gradually to buy whatever she needed without thinking of the price. Spirit had taught her gradually, with every purchase she needed to make, that if cost was the only reason she didn’t want to buy something she wanted, she should go ahead and buy it. In the process, Spirit had made her aware of the lack-mentality she carried, which did not necessarily bring lack in her life but kept her from accessing the riches that was already there. It kept her from FEELing financially free, even when she had enough.

She learned to ask Spirit before every purchase and then make it, regardless of cost – once Spirit gave the go-ahead. She learned that the only thing she needed to consider before a purchase was if she was prompted or approved to do so by Spirit’s guidance. Nothing else mattered. She learned that whatever she was prompted or approved to do was provided for.

One thing had led to another and another and by the end of that same one year, she realised one day that she was a millionaire. Yes, she had cash in her bank account – up to 2 million, no debt, everything paid up and she was not worried about the future or money running out. She was not even depending on the money she had or the income stream. She knew her Source and that was the key. She had followed Spirit’s promptings to the letter for one year and achieved what she never did in her whole life – while trying by herself….and did she try?!

While this change was mounting up gradually, she didn’t realise it until her eyes were opened to what she had become. Exactly a year prior, she was the opposite of that.


These are two summarised, true stories. There are many other stories like them.



SPIRIT CANNOT BE CONTROLLED. True Spirit/Energy/Inner Personal Guide/Path will only bring what is needed/necessary/prepared for and nothing else. The rush to get to where you are not ready for and do what you are not ready for will lead you into the wrong hands, wrong situations, wrong time. You cannot manipulate “destiny”. The act of actively chasing it is a red flag. What you ought to actively do is simple: Follow your Spirit’s promptings.




There are two reasons this may be.

  • You may not be on your Path, therefore you are not in the location of it. Work with your Spirit to get on your Path.


  • It may not be for you – at this time or ever – for some reason. Your Mind has its own desires that may or may not be part of your true life “plans”. Work with your Spirit to know which one or be patient. What is yours will come, as long as you are on your Path.


****When it comes to the spiritual, words are restrictive – for there are many grey areas, variations, different factors/explanations depending on the individual/Path. There are further explanations/clarifications regarding this topic but I feel to stop here and not go further with it because it will go off into different directions and become confusing for some. This particular explanation is what is meant for you here, at this time. It will become clearer to you at some point.***


Always, Ashair.