Many people are in such a rush to achieve this, become that, get this, do that and so on. It is a natural phenomenon when it comes to the physical world, to hurry up before it’s too late.


Too late for what, you should ask yourself?

If you are following this site, it is assumed you understand/are understanding beyond the physical world and diving deeper into the eternal. If you are here and resonating with what is written here, it is assumed that in this lifetime, this is the Path you are taking/will take. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been introduced to this “stuff” and/or it wouldn’t click, if you came across it.

Now that the assumptions are out of the way, it is clear that this site is for those who understand already and/or are led here to understand more.


This is the Word for today, if nothing else:

Be patient and follow. Keep calm and don’t rush the process….YOUR process. Forget what every other person is doing, achieving, becoming, etc. Look not to the left nor right; or front or back. Maintain your position, your lane, your race, your walk. You have only yourself to keep up with – therefore you have no one to compete with.

Commit to following your Spirit/Inner Personal Guide/Path to the very letter, from now onward. Watch a month, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year from now and take account. You will find a huge surprise. Depending on where you are in your life and how much work is needed, you will find that you are either clearly on your way to *insert whatever you FEEL deep down you are getting ready for or being moved to* or you are already there – or obviously close.

But you must follow, to the letter, what you are prompted to do. Otherwise, you will spend more time being saved from unnecessary situations and less time moving forward to the real deal.


This is not about terms and labels, group work or projects, spiritual practices, concepts and phrases. This is about practical life solutions tailored to you and you alone.


Follow and see. No one else is leading you but you, through your Spirit/Personal Guide/Path. No one else is the master or guru but you, through your Spirit/Personal Guide/Path.


Connect. Receive. Trust. Follow. Wait. And See.



***Spirit can also be called Intuition, Natural Inner Guide, Authentic Instinct, Holy Spirit, Inner Being, Spirit Guide, Natural Prompting, Authentic flow, etc. They are all the same to me***


Always, Ashair.