The spiritual (life) path can feel like such a drag. It can often feel as if nothing is happening – like you are standing still and you have nothing (much) to show for it.


It is similar to watching your child grow or if you can remember when you were growing up. You didn’t wake up everyday noticing a significant difference in your/child’s height. Most times, others who haven’t seen you/your child for a while were the ones to point out how tall/big you/your child had gotten. Often, you only noticed when you looked at an old picture of yourself/child and compared the difference; or something made you realise it, such as outgrowing clothes/shoes.


The point is that you are the one going through these changes and you are too deep in it to notice just how much you have changed. The huge gap between where you were and where you are now can only be seen when you really stop to “count your blessings”, as they say. You can tell the difference when you really stop to notice who you are today versus who you were before.


Remember this is a non-physical journey. 99% of the work is being done within, therefore where you need to look to see what you have accomplished, is within.

You have come a long way already. Don’t minimise that. You may or may not still have a long way ahead but take it one day…one step at a time. Just keep following your Inner Personal Guide/Spirit/Path. It knows the way.

It may not always feel like it on this journey of becoming-who-you-truly-are – especially if you are looking outward, but you have been blessed so many times.

You are blessed.

The work that is done inward will spill over outward when it is too full to be contained, like a cup overflowing.


For now, keep allowing your cup to be filled with everything you truly need. You must not stop the flow, if you want to experience the overflow.


Always, Ashair.