Everything has an opposite. Ideas are the opposite of promptings from your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path.

When you have an idea, your mind is suggesting things. When you have a prompting, your Spirit is suggesting things.

One can also call these “inspiration”, however, when it comes to ideas, people use the word, ‘inspiration’ to mean ‘great ideas’ – when ideas turn out fine.

We could simply say that one can be inspired both by/from the mind and by/from the Spirit.

On this site, we call inspiration from/by the Spirit, “Promptings” and refer to that which comes from the mind as “Ideas”.


Promptings ALWAYS turn out fine, where Ideas may or may not.

Think of this as being in a foreign country with two Tour Guides. One of them knows all the locations, routes, etc and the other doesn’t. The seasoned tour guide will always lead you to the right places while the other, by guesswork or chance, may or may not stumble onto the right locations…..sometimes.


Which Tour Guide would you rather follow?

Most would say the former, while there are some who would still choose the latter because “the fun is in getting lost and finding your way back”, they may say.

Whichever group you find yourself in is up to you. Whether following the former (Spirit) or the latter (Mind), it is where you are on your Path and you can choose to change it at anytime.


Always, Ashair.