No one in life can give you all the answers you need. No one in life can accurately give you any answer that is specific for your life. You also do not have answers for anyone’s life – not even your child’s.

The only place you can get these answers is right where you are – within you.

You are like a never-ending stream, a bottomless pit, infinite space. Within you, there is the biggest “library” ever known, filled with non-man-made “books”. These living “books” contain all the knowledge you will ever need in your life. The true answer to any question you can ever come up with, is within these “books” and the “Librarian” is your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path Energy.

This Guide is the only one/thing that can open the door to your personal library, let you in, guide you through the sections and books you need to learn from at any particular time, teach you from them and bestow the wisdom needed to apply what you have learned in your life.

This Inner Personal Guide is the key to your quest.

Without this Guide, it will be just like going into a library – with no signs or directions on how to get around – filled with billions of ancient and modern books with no labelling or titles, and trying to find specific books or topics.




Are you ready to access this personal library? Are you ready to learn what you need to know at this point in time and find out which way to go?

Then ask your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path Energy. This is the only way.


How to begin? This article HERE will be helpful.

Feel free to use the exercises within to ask (your Guide) any question you wish.