I have been prompted to write this because of someone in this particular situation.


General Note: This still applies to any relationship in life.


Spiritually, there is a difference between a marriage that has ended and a marriage that has failed.

A failed marriage is a marriage that was never meant to be, in the first place. In other words, if you get into a marriage that your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path did not lead you into, it is set to fail because no one is at peace anywhere outside their Path. Therefore, unless the people involved have learned to trudge on (due to cultural/religious beliefs or mindset), regardless of their “restless heart”/ the lack of peace in their heart, one or both will end up leaving or doing something drastic – in a bid to find peace.

On another hand, the fact that both parties choose to remain in the marriage and carry on does not make it a successful marriage. Anything you do outside your Path is not seen as successful, spiritually. Everything within you – your Soul/Personal Guide/Spirit/Path will trash like the waves of the sea until you move back into your Path. Some will feel this and become unhappy (to say the least) where they are – yet may not know what to do about it; others will have learned to ignore such feelings, because “the devil is the only one that will tell you to do something as terrible as leave a marriage/relationship/high-paying job/course”, etc.


An ended marriage is simply an ended phase of life, like all phases one will go through on their journey.

The reason this is a marriage, to begin with, is that you chose to sign a “forever contract” (read: marriage) at this phase of life, when Spirit never told you it would be forever. You assumed it would be so, simply because your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path led you into it. You didn’t ask or didn’t get a reply when you asked, so you assumed. If you had followed the prompting as is (without assumptions/expectations of outcome) or waited for a reply, you would not have gotten married and when it is time for both of you to part ways, it would not have been seen as such a bad thing. You would not have been so traumatized.

Spiritually, this relationship is considered a successful pairing (because one or both were led into it and got what they needed at the time, out of it) but from your mind’s point of view, it isn’t successful. What it fails to understand is that it was never meant to be a contract. It was meant to be a “come-and-go”.


The actual “physical-world” cause of the ending or failure of the relationships is simply just that: “Physical-world cause or reason”, but the root of it is spiritual.


These (above) are the two reasons (Re:Title).


Spirit leads you in and out of necessary situations/experiences and unless it has prompted you to sign a contract (marriage, etc), do not do so.

If you have been prompted/led to sign a contract, do not still assume it is forever unless it has told you so. Meaning, there are short and long-term contracts. Also, there are different reasons your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path will lead you to sign a contract. There could be societal hurdles one or both may have to jump, so a (temporary or permanent) contract is prompted by your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path.

If both parties continue to follow their Spirit, they will learn to not assume permanence in anything and when it is time to part ways (because both Paths have veered in separate directions), there will be no trauma. Life will continue.

On another hand, some Spirit-prompted contract or non-contract relationships will be more permanent (depending on the individual Paths), yet there will still come a time when the person leaves or you have to leave – in this case, through transitioning to the spirit realm.