No one must have a partner or teacher or friend or be in a group in order to walk their Path in life. This is not a requirement. This is because a group is made up of people on their own individual Paths, who may or may not be meant to be together (spiritually speaking) at the time they are together. However, they have chosen to be together because they share a belief, interest or practice.


Your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path will lead you to someone/other people at some point in your journey, with whom you are meant to share that phase of your life. This is the only time you should “seek out” another person/others – when you are prompted. The thing to note is that when you are prompted to do so, you will not need to “seek them out”. Your Paths will cross – either intentionally or otherwise – but it will not be because of any physical planning or decision, on your part. Therefore, the phrase “seeking out” is used loosely here.


One major thing with groups is that if the members are not following their Spirits, they tend to follow the majority opinion and sway wherever that wind blows.

Those whose Personal Guide/Spirit/Path have led them to each other and a group happens to be naturally (oftentimes, unofficially) formed, will know that each person’s authority is within them and everyone still walks their own Path. As each one follows their Spirit, working together effectively is a given. Any necessary rule/guideline will never interfere with individual freedom and personal spiritual authority. Meaning, no one assumes the role of spiritual authority and freedom giver/taker.


If Spirit is not prompting you to be with someone/people at this time, it isn’t forever. Being alone/Learning to walk alone on your Spirit journey is essential. You must learn to not depend on anyone but yourself. You must learn to stand in your Path, in your Truth, alone. You must be complete and whole, alone.

Even if you can handle having someone/people in your life while learning this, you will have a period or different periods of being alone because your Path is a personal and private one.

This ‘alone-ness’ may look different in different people’s lives. Some may be physically and completely alone, some may have someone/people in their lives but still have a gap/distance/disconnection between them physically or emotionally; etc.


If you feel the need to join a group on your journey, be sure this is what you have been prompted – or at least, approved to do by your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path. Otherwise, you have left your Path and everything your Spirit/Personal Guide will be doing from then is to guide you back to it. There is no better thing than to be where you are meant to be – on your Path.


In summary: Yes, there is a sense of belonging, support and networking one may feel in groups but the key is to be at the right place, with the right person/people, at the right time. You can only do this with your Spirit leading.



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