This article can be called the sequel to the post: Your Soul’s State of Being


There are different ways of finding out if you are at peace or not. (To understand what I mean by “being at peace or not”, the post linked above will be of help).

Your own realisation of peace ties together with the way you receive information. This method of receiving information is addressed in this article: How To Find And Follow Your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path


As mentioned in that post, everyone has a dominant way of receiving information, effectively. Some people have more than one. Whether you have one, two or more dominant way, it doesn’t matter. The point is that you will be guided in your way.

So when it comes to being sure if you are at peace or not, I will give some examples.

First, follow the exercises outlined in the second post linked above. This time, ask the question “Am I at peace?”

Observe what happens.


If you have a heightened sense of smell (and you have realised this is your dominant one), you might get a whiff of something that reminds you of something pleasant or peaceful or beautiful, etc. It will be strong and clear enough for you to be sure.

If your dominant sense is hearing, you might hear something like “Yes” or “You are at Peace” or “All is well”, etc.

If visual, you might get an image of the words: ‘PEACE’ or ‘YES’ or something you associate with peace or beauty or relaxation…such as flower, home, water/quiet beach, mountains, etc.

If feeling/physical touch, you might feel a sense of warmth or stillness or get a physical sensation that you find pleasing, etc.

There is so much more you can experience, so do not limit yourself. The key is to leave your mind open and simply observe what you experience until it is done. Then you can make conclusions.

There are other ways one can receive information but these are just some of them. Again, follow the simple exercises and find yours, if you do not already know. It is important to get to the point where you can get divine information for yourself and learn to trust it. After all,  it is your Path.


You can do this particular exercise and all the others, for different areas of your life and different instructions/guidance/promptings you receive.


On the other hand, if you are not where you should be while you ask this or your mind has given you an idea you are considering and you want to know if it is on your Path or not, still follow the same step.

However, this time, you will either get silence or the opposite of the examples above…or some other things that are the opposite of peaceful.


The fact is that your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path will always assure you in some way when you are on the right track and will always let you know when you are not.

If you are, continue with what you are doing/where you are.

If you learn that you are not, ask what you should do instead (As mentioned in the linked post above) and follow the guidance.


If you know what to look out for, it will be helpful to you. If your dominant sense is, say, visual and you are looking out to hear it speak to you, you will miss out on the visual messages it is giving you.


Always, Ashair.