I have been prompted to write this here, for someone in this situation.

Your situation:

You are trying to follow your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path, yet things seem to be crashing down around you and in your life.

You do not understand why so many “bad” things are still happening to you on your Path and you are wondering if you are on the right Path, after all.


This is what you need to know:

The more situations you have gone into in the past (before you started following your Path), which have been outside your Path, the more things you have to be relieved of. Everything in your life that is not part of your Path will have to fall away, which means, you will have to (learn to) let go of them.

It is not easy to let go of things you thought you needed/should have or be in. It is also not easy to let go of things that make you happy, even if you don’t have peace in your heart. Read this POST to understand what feelings mean, from a ‘spiritual’ point of view.

Therefore, these things that seem to be crashing down around you and in your life are only things that have to go. These are things that cannot come with you where you are – either at this time or at all.

It feels difficult because you are fighting with letting go. Let them go and trust that what needs to be in your life now is either already there or will come to you. You do not have to make this happen, neither do you have to fight to keep things in your life, that are trying to leave. This includes people.


Further note, if you have people in your life, who aren’t part of where you are/where you are going, it means those people have you in their lives as well, and you also aren’t part of their Path. Therefore, you are not doing anyone any favours by allowing people in your life, who shouldn’t be there. Let them go, in order for you and them to progress on your individual Paths. If you are meant to come back into each other’s lives, it will be so, at the right time.


You will feel some sense of relief once the dust settles and you see where you are and what you have left. Where you are headed from there, will also be a bit more clear to you.

Most especially, stop and realise that your heart is at peace. The noise of your mind is drowning this realisation. Nothing bad is happening to you, in the spiritual sense of it – it seems that way from your mind’s point of view. It is only for the best.


Always, Ashair.