Connecting with your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path can be done in different ways. The method of connection varies from one being to the other – and how they receive signals/energy/spiritual communication.


These can be broken down into different ways of sensing information, physically.

Some people are better audio-receivers, while some are visual-receivers. Some have strong tactile-receptors (touch, in different ways), some have a strong sense of smell, some are emotion-receivers, etc. Everyone has a dominant one.  Many have two or more dominant ones – meaning, they receive from both ways, equally or close.


There is no one way to find your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path. The fact is that it finds you or we could say that it is always with you. It has never left you. You simply may not have realised it is there.

HOW TO CONNECT WITH IT? The basis of this is that everyone connects with it at an early age in their life but most people disconnect either soon afterwards or later – due to various reasons. It could be family discouragement, education system, culture, etc.

If one is born into a family or lives in an environment where the connection is allowed and even encouraged, that person stays connected…until they choose to disconnect.


Since you are here, I will assume you may have disconnected at some point – whether early or later in life (It doesn’t matter) – or you are simply curious or trying to confirm where you are.

This is one of the difficult topics to write generally about because there are tons of ways to cover, depending on the individual.

So, I have a simple exercise for you to do on your own.

Find a quiet place – in your home, workplace, outdoors, anywhere you can be by yourself without distraction for a few minutes;

Find a comfortable position (lie down, sit down, kneel, stand, etc) and take a deep breath or two…. or three… (This is just for you to relax and clear your mind a little or as much as you can),

And say clearly (either out loud or in your heart, if you cannot speak out where you are), “I am ready to connect with my Spirit, my Personal Guide and my Path”.


What happens next will tell you your dominant receiving mode(s).


****I am not led to continue further on the examples of what may happen, perhaps, it is so as not to put an expectation in your mind. This will possibly muddle up what you may/may not experience.****


When you make that statement above, simply observe YOUR IMMEDIATE experience or reaction (without trying to make one up or expect a particular one).

You may stay and observe for as long as you feel the need to. When you feel like you are done, you can go back to what else you want to do. There is no specific time of day to do this or duration to spend doing it.

If it helps you, WHEN YOU ARE DONE – not in the middle of it, write down all you observed, from the immediate experience/reaction to the time you finished, and save it.

If you feel the need to try this exercise again, take a little or a long break (or the next day) and distract yourself. Then come back and repeat. Remember to write it down again and save.


HOW TO FOLLOW IT? You can only follow after you have connected. It is like plugging a machine into a socket. Once it is turned on, then you can use the signal the way it is meant.

If you have not connected yet, do the above exercise first, then come back to this section.

If you are all connected and want to know how to start following, it is simple (but not always easy).

Here is another exercise for you to do.


Same steps as the first exercise.

Find a spot/area/room.

Be comfortable.

Relax yourself and try to clear your mind of any expectations or questions. Don’t stress over rambling thoughts. Just be clear on what you are doing and hold onto that thought.

Then say, “What should I do now?


Observe your immediate experience. Note that your receiving mode(s) – from the first exercise or if you already know it/them, is how you will receive the answer to this question. However, do not be hung up on a particular receiving mode, so as not to miss what you experience – especially if you are new to this.

So listen for/keep an eye out for/pay attention to what you hear/see/feel,etc.

Then follow that instruction/guidance/answer.

Repeat as often as you want and follow the answers.


Extra Tip:

Following your Path will, more often than not, lead you towards/through/into/out of unexpected places, and having no expectations of where you should be/what you should be doing/who you should be with, etc will be helpful to you – unless those details have been revealed to you, personally.

DO NOT think of a particular topic, like: career, love, family, finances, etc. Chances are your priority is not the same as what is on your Path. Just stay open to whichever category you receive instructions about. You will be led accordingly and it will all come together. TRUST IS KEY.

Following your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path means flowing with the energy of your Path. There will be times of rest and times of activity. Expecting activity in times of rest will only frustrate you – and vice versa. Expecting lots of activities in times of very little activity will do the same – and vice versa.

Know that everything on your Path is the BEST and TRUE option for you. At some point, you will come to realise that it is the ONLY option for you, if you want to be truly and completely free, at peace and fulfilled.



If you wish to contact me about your experience, please feel free to do so. You can find my contact detail on ‘About Me‘ or ‘Contact‘, on the Menu section.


Always, Ashair.