Firstly, the word ‘Spirituality‘ isn’t the right word for this but for a lack of a better one, let’s use it for ease of communication – and use ‘Advanced Spirituality‘ to differentiate between ‘mainstream spirituality’ and what is being addressed here.


Let’s try to explain ‘Advanced Spirituality. This is a level in your Life Path where you have gone through what many refer to as ‘Awakening‘ or a major part of ‘The Awakening Process‘; where you have exhausted your spiritual search for answers and come to a place of clearing – where there is nothing left in you. In this place, you would still have some questions and may want answers but you are no longer SEEKING after them. You know that answers will come when they come and you have surrendered to your Path.

There is a lot involved to get to this point, so it isn’t as straightforward as it is written here but if you are at this point in your life, you will understand and connect with it. You know the journey you have been on, you have learned a lot both directly – from your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path – and through many other channels (in the form of videos, blogs, teachers, etc), as confirmation by your Spirit.

You know the pattern of YOUR own journey but still know that you can not predict how the next chapter will come or play out. You know enough to know that you know nothing, there is still so much to know and you are no longer in desperate need of knowledge. Let it come and you will receive it when it does. You know enough to function both as a human being in everyday life and as a “wise one”, who cannot begin to explain what you have learned to just anybody, simply because it is in-explainable and you have also not been prompted/drawn/led to do so, by your Spirit. You know enough to know that when your Spirit prompts you to do anything – including explain some things – the words and the resources will be right there for you to use.


When you get to this point, you will know that you cannot generalise ‘spirituality’ anymore because different people are on different paths and what Spirit leads one to do or not, Spirit can lead the other in an opposite direction – therefore you cannot write about what is good or not, in general. You know that when you are trying to explain, you will have to be able to cover all variations of that topic and this is near impossible to do because there are too many variations, too many factors to consider for different situations. There is no ‘one size fits all’.

When you get to this point, you may even use the word ‘spirituality’ loosely because it means different things for different people. You simply use the word for easy understanding. You may no longer feel the need to call ‘it’ anything. It is just life. It is no longer about practices and rituals or traditions. You can choose to do them or not, according to your path.

Your horizon has been broadened and in whatever you say, you leave space for people to put their own specifications into it. You know that you do not know all things because you are not living anyone else’s life but yours.

When you get to this point, Spirit may reveal some things to you about one person or specific people, who are drawn to you, in order for you to help them in some way. You focus on these people – who are drawn to you in this way – and their lives and refrain from making blanket statements about other people in general, whose lives have not been revealed to you.

When you get to this point, you are not automatically perfect. You still have one or more areas of ‘weakness’ and you are still a learner in those areas. Spirit is still not done with you. Your Path is still open. Therefore, you know you cannot begin to feel or act like a teacher – who believes they have nothing more to learn. In fact, when you have gotten here, you have genuinely gone through enough to humble you. While you have become self-aware enough to know who you truly are, you do not look down on anybody – no matter where they are in their Path. You also do not look up to anybody, no matter where they are in their Path. You know enough to face your own life, according to the guidance of your Spirit alone.


This is what I generally refer to as ‘Advanced Spirituality‘ and this is why it is difficult to write about. There are very few general truths and a wide array of subjective/personal/specific truths, according to each person’s Path.

On this site, I will be sharing some general truths, as I am led.

As a Spiritual ‘Medium’, I guide people from their specific truths/Path in life, as I am led. I only speak from the place of each one’s Personal Guide/Spirit/Path and give directions/instructions/guidance, accordingly.

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Always, Ashair.