Q: When and how does my mind become quiet?


A: Your Mind is not what quietens but your connection to your head/brain/logic is what shifts – whenever you connect to your Spirit, therefore the mental chatter is not heard.

Your Mind is like a ping-pong ball and it goes wherever you hit/pull it towards. This can be either your Head or your Spirit/Heart. Your Head has a lot of activities going on because it has accumulated so many things (concepts, beliefs, memories, etc) along its journey in the world. When your Mind is focused there, this is when it seems overly busy.

When you focus your Mind towards your Spirit, you will find the contrast quite unsettling, if you are new to it. You may even feel bored/lonely because of the very little activity going on. You see, your Spirit/Heart is like a quiet, open beautiful forest with trees, flowers, brooks, flowing streams and waterfall, etc. It is peaceful, calm and relaxing but depending on what your Mind is used to, through your Head, this will not be where you want to spend any/so much time in. Depending on what your Mind leans towards, you may prefer the crowded place, festivals, concerts, etc-type vibe in your Head. This is when it’s harder for you to focus your Mind on your Spirit. However, it is not impossible.


There will come a time in your life when you will get a realisation… an inner conviction that you must only focus your Mind on things that keep you in a joyful state. This realisation comes with a shift in Mindset (what your Mind is pre-set to) and produces a state of joy…a stronger awakening to or awareness and illumination of the love within and around you.

This state has nothing to do with your physical circumstances. You feel at peace and fulfilled for no reason – regardless of what is physically going on. You suddenly cannot pay close and steady attention to whatever negative thing may be going on around you or in your life.

This conviction is not something you realise by studying or hearing someone say it. It comes as an epiphany and you know from then, you cannot be the same in your thinking. The method through which the epiphany comes differ from person to person and can also include someone saying it to you. However, actually experiencing the illumination and conviction and living it will only come from within. The former will be by you making greater effort to keep your mind still – often without much success. The latter will be by you learning to shift your Mind to your Heart.


When you get to this point, you will be more in control of your Mind and where it focuses. You can choose to engage or not to engage your Head and its inevitable activities. You can decide this by knowing if the thought allows you to stay in your joyful/peaceful state or not. Does it feel like that calm forest or is the chattering and images in the crowd too much?


When you get to this point, you will come to realise that many physical interactions in the world are not necessary. They are simply more fuel for your Head and therefore, more activities for your Mind if you focus there. Your Spirit/Heart remains undisturbed, untouched, unpolluted, pure and sufficient in its ‘stillness’. Your Mind takes a well-deserved rest when it is focused there. There is nothing much to say/do but feel and be. When an action-oriented inspiration comes, it still bears the mark of the peaceful, fulfilling vibe and not one of desperation and stress.


Your Body follows your Mind wherever it goes. If it hangs out in your Head or Spirit, the body reacts according to what goes on there. When you become used to your connection with your Spirit, you will be able to tell when your Mind has shifted to your Head. Your Body will tell you. Once you’ve shifted back to your Spirit, your Body will be the signal too.


This is how your Mind seems to quieten. You just get good at shifting it from your Head to your Spirit/Heart.


Stay in your JOY lane. Don’t rush this process, you will get there if you keep following your Spirit/Inner Guidance.



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